What are your greatest motivators as a leader?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Group of Business People Meeting in Corporation.

To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question, “What are your greatest motivators as a leader?”

Nick Jorss, Executive Chairman, Bowen Coking Coal 

“I like to lead by example and motivate people with more carrot than stick. We run a flat structure where everyone steps up and takes responsibility. We have a highly capable and motivated team that works hard but enjoys themselves at the same time.”

Shaun Vokes, CEO, Talisman Mining

“I am fortunate to work in an industry that has provided significantly to human development and global economic progress over millennia, and it still has a great deal to offer. Being able to work with a team of dedicated individuals in this industry to overcome challenges, learn from setbacks and be adaptable and innovative in our thinking and application to support this industry is not only a great motivator but it’s also fun!”

Teck Lean Teong, Group CEO, GDEX Berhad

“The people around me. I’m always influencing people to challenge themselves, break barriers, and bring out their best. I also apply this same mentality to myself, so the motivation works both ways. I believe the achievements we desire will materialise when we choose to take up challenges.”

Kane Salisbury, CEO, Hallett Group

“I am a competitive person, leading a competitive business in an incredibly competitive industry.  I love to win but only as a team where we can all share that sense of purpose and the satisfaction of delivering great outcomes. Being a leader of a business that is prepared to challenge the status quo and take on big projects that have the capability to change our environment for the better is incredibly motivating.”

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