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Accesstech have the expertise to perform prominent engineering construction ranging from pharmaceutical, biomedical, electronics and aerospace to name but a few.


Accesstech began as a tool and kit company primarily working on small installations. Through an effective and professional approach, the company have seen steady growth in both business size and project portfolio. Accesstech now specialise in working with high-tech companies, including industrial and factory engineering and office buildings for Fortune-500 companies. Founded in 1998 in Singapore, Accesstech have been expanding their expertise into various projects including luxury hotels and commercial properties. The company is ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

Roy Low, CEO of Accesstech, has seen the demand for the company’s expertise grow steadily and believes that Accesstech are well placed to meet the growing and ever-changing needs of the industry. “We have been in business for the last 16 years and the industry has changed a lot since then. Singapore used to be a manufacturing hub for plating, stamping plants and wafer fabs. These days, data centre, R&D facilities and biomedical science dominate the scene. Companies now want state-of-the-art equipment and services that can be technically demanding in engineering terms. We have grown and adapted our business practices, so that we can offer a service that will always be flexible and fully functional – to the highest level – which always meets the clients’ requirements,” Mr Low surmises.


The last 12 months have been positive for Accesstech. The company has been working on new engineering and mechanical systems with respected global brands Hewlett Packard, Proctor and Gamble, Illumina and Medtronic, who have expanded their production lines in Singapore. “We gained a new customer in Proctor and Gamble, and we have finished installing all the Air Conditioning Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) in a new US$200 million Research and Development centre in the city. The facility is now open and we are very proud of the project, as it highlights our work with a respected brand name,” cites Mr Low.

There will be a significant increase of investment in this market over the next 5 years, as Singapore has an excellent infrastructure to host these data centres. 2014 will see an investment of S$2.8 billion dollars invested in data centres in Singapore alone. Currently, Accesstech are involved in bidding for new data centre cooling system projects.


With the economic climate still largely unstable, Accesstech has seen a slowdown in the number of projects they are being offered and tendering for. However, because of the high quality work being produced by the company and a client base that have strong relationships with Accesstech, Low has seen the work continue to flow in, even if this is at a slower pace than 5 years ago: “We have seen a downturn in the number of projects undertaken over the last 12 to 24 months, but the work has not dried up. We have strong relationships with our existing clients and as our work is of the highest order, we have begun to see several new clients wanting to work with us on new projects.”

One sector of the Asian market currently seeing a surge in projects is the aerospace industry. Singapore currently has one of the biggest aerospace hubs in Asia and international companies are moving into the country to capitalise on this strategic market. Accesstech are keen to undertake bigger projects into this sector, with low keen for Accesstech to move into this sector. “The aerospace industry is expanding in Singapore at a fast rate. We have one of the biggest aerospace hubs in Asia situated within the city and with the continued investment from foreign companies; the amount of work in that sector has trebled over the last 5 years. We are looking to expand our project portfolio into this sector over the coming months,” Mr. Low said.

Accesstech recently undertook project work for an aerospace engine manufacturing company, in which they designed and currently maintain several systems within the building. “The sector offers a very different challenge for us in terms of electrical and manufacturing implementation, but a challenge we are ready to meet head on,” Low explains, clearly relishing the task of working in this industry.


One of the biggest strengths a manufacturing and engineering company can have is its supply chain and Accesstech are no different. The relationships between Accesstech and their suppliers have grown in strength on the simple basis of trust, honesty and a transparent approach to business. “All business should be done this way, as it breeds an understanding between two companies that allows free and open conversation on matters ranging from price to quality,” Low remarks and goes on to say that Accesstech are always “upfront with suppliers”.

Expansion is a key component of any growing business, and Accesstech are looking at crossing borders into other countries including Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. Low believes that with the right vision and strategic planning, investment in the mid-high tech industry can really take off in these countries: “the opportunity for mid-high tech industry projects in these countries is massive. They have an eager workforce, who with the right training, could begin to build up an infrastructure that will encourage more foreign investment into the country. We are ambitious to begin these plans but we are not about to over reach. We will research and carefully plan these expansions and ensure that what we do is best for both ourselves and the country we look at.”

Mr. Low has set his sights on ensuring that Accesstech Engineering become “a world class enterprise with a reputation for excellence, professionalism and service quality equal to the best in the industry.” if the company continues to grow as it has done, then this vision will soon be realised.

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By Tom Cullum Regional Director
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