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Elite Tech Group of Companies is operating in an increasingly fruitful market, rising to the new challenges set by customers and meeting the demand for wireless connections.


The market for internet connections in Myanmar is increasing on a daily basis and not only is the demand for wireless connections increasing, but so too are internet services due to the significantly improved awareness of its users.

Elite Tech Group of Companies consists of three separate companies; Elite Tech Manufacturing, Elite Tech IT Services and Elite Telecom Public Co.

Elite Tech Manufacturing produces Hi-Tech ICT equipment at a factory built to assemble base transceiver station equipment, fixed wireless terminals and customer premises equipment. The Company has worked with the likes of Huawei Technologies Co to build upon its projects in the implementation of a qualified communication network. 

The Company’s IT Services were developed in 2009 with the purpose of distributing the one-time prepaid RUIM cards, SIM cards, top-up cards, mobile handsets and accessories for all mobile networks.

“Four years later in 2013 we created Elite Telecom Public to provide internet network services,” begins Chan Nyein Zaw, Director and Chief Executive Officer at Elite Tech Group of Companies. “Within this remit we provide internet services that include domestic private leased circuit, domestic bandwidth wholesales for telecom operators, internet access providers, web design and internet bandwidth wholesales.

“All of the aforementioned services are competitively priced and targeted to reach not only small businesses, but also high-level customers.”

For Elite Tech Group of Companies, its customers also enjoy faster access speeds, higher security and a larger number of email accounts than the average residential customer.

“When we start considering starting up an ISP (Internet Service Provider), it is paramount that we have an extensive business plan in place as well as a robust marketing strategy,” explains Zaw. “At the beginning of each project, we have concentrated strategies and activities that are comprehensive in nature and allow for a thorough investigation of our options.”

When it comes to promoting and utilising the ISP, Elite Tech excels in its marketing department. Throughout the year press releases are sent out to support advertising campaigns, email marketing and the creation of annual advertorial processes.

Zaw continues: “Our marketing activities are concentrated in a number of categories; initially the various initiatives will encompass various methods to reach potential customers while generating interest. That is followed by a direct email out to each potential customer.”


The Group has experienced extensive growth during the past two years, with plans in place to deploy another 200 kilometres expansion in the next 12 months. However, in order to achieve this growth, it is the stringent belief within the Company that hiring the right people will drive forward developments.

“It is our belief that all our employees have the potential to grow, be that in their working role and personally,” affirms Zaw. “We constantly endeavour to provide opportunities for our personnel to enable the aforementioned growth.”

The needs of each employee is determined through a performance review process, through individual development plans, training needs analysis and individual requests from employees.

“We also support our employees to participate in their job related conferences and seminars, in order to enhance their professional growth,” adds Zaw. “There are plans in place to develop their profession by reimbursing membership fees to professional organisations, registration fees for meetings and online learning workshops and seminars.”

Not only that, but the monitoring process is incredibly important, with effectiveness of training measured by pre-post test scores, on the job assessments and financial reports. These factors all improve the corporate wellness of the Company and are the best ways to attract current and new employees.


Alongside creating a supportive atmosphere for its employees and their personal growth, the Company also recognises the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to support its local environment.

“The ‘social’ in corporate social responsibility highlights the relationship between corporate organisations and the society outside of our organisation,” explains Zaw. “This is applicable to all organisations; not only businesses and the societies around us expect good CSR activities to be created from large, multinational enterprises rather than small and medium business.”

It has become extremely important for the Company to develop its social contract between society and business, including the achievement of a sustainable society through working with companies that have a major effect on society.

Zaw states: “We promote CSR from a range of angles in order to meet our social responsibilities as a company in our business activities, requiring each employee to consider CSR and act responsibility in all their work within the business.”

One of the plans for the future is to raise awareness of staff through education and the creation of an internal CSR programme.


In a market that is so heavily saturated by technology companies, Elite Tech has worked hard to create partnerships with highly experienced foreign partners to gain a better grasp on the world market. Some of these partnerships have included the Vietnam Post and Telecommunication which is providing the Company with competitive technical solutions and marketing strategies.

Elite Tech Group is currently Myanmar’s top Company in the areas of IT services, engineering projects and manufacturing of top-up cards.

“Our ultimate aim is to reach world class status and become a multinational Company,” concludes Zaw. “We hope that moving forward we will continue to be recognised as a reputable employer, developing the best people to provide the best possible service.”

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