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  • Beginning in Queensland in 2015, Zone RV has grown to be one of the top choices in Australia for adventure seekers to begin their eight-wheeled journey on the open road.
  • Zone RV’s models not only embody the enduring spirit required when journeying across Australia, but also a technologically advanced edge in material design and software applications.

Zone RV is at the forefront of the Australian towable RV industry. We take a look at the company, its various models, and how the RV is helping Australians realise their dreams of setting free on the open road.  


The commonplace dream of “selling shop” and riding into the sunset to travel the world is now more realised than ever before. The digital world allows us to stay connected to friends, family, work colleagues and business partners no matter where we are, be that in the middle of a Nordic forest, African plain or the Australian outback. 

The reality that we can remain connected no matter the location is a true testament to the potential that we have when it comes to enabling digital work. The age of sacrificing full-time jobs and financial safety in order to travel is waning, with remote and flexible jobs becoming a norm, so much so that people are even calling into question the notion of house ownership.

For some, travel is the excitement of backpacking with limited material possessions, and a phone or laptop for online connectivity, navigation, and digital work. But for those who cannot afford the luxury of spontaneous pack-up-and-go travel, such as parents who need to think for their families, long-term adventure can now be achieved at a level that many would regard as a perfect medium between home security and comfort, and nomadism – the recreational vehicle (RV).


From its humble beginnings in Queensland in 2015, Zone RV has grown to be one of the top choices in Australia for adventure seekers to begin their eight-wheeled journey on the open road. This leading position comes down to many reasons, one of which is the advanced methods of manufacturing and production used by the company that places its RV models at the front of the market.

Zone RV incorporates technology from the aeronautical and marine industries to build lighter, stronger, and safer off-road caravans, and manufactures entirely composite bodies and cabinetry systems to help adventurers stay below the gross combined mass (GCM) of their towable RVs. These bodies sit on a cleverly designed chassis that is also weight-conscious, and in combination with CruiseMaster suspension systems, guarantees enduring long stretches of Australian corrugations.

Each component fitted to a Zone RV off-road caravan is carefully selected to perform superbly, have the lowest likelihood of failure, and be straightforward to repair or replace in remote locations by the company’s service partners. Zone RV’s entire range includes lithium batteries and solar panels, and these off-grid systems can be optioned to suit customer needs.

Built around endurance and reliability, Zone RV provides buyers with a vessel to achieve their dreams, while having the peace of mind of knowing that they have invested in the best RVs on the market.


It is no surprise that 2022 has seen a substantial rise in the desire for adventure. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic saw national lockdowns throughout the world, and Australia was no exception. Following limited social interaction and movement, there was a shift in mindset with many realising that they wanted to experience more, either domestically or abroad. 

Australia is renowned for its wildlife, expansive outback, rainforests and landmarks. From Victoria’s coast, the Twelve Apostles rise like sentinels of the sea, and deep within the heart of the Australian outback, the monolith Uluru stands as a broad and flat banner of the country’s natural world. With so much within reach, who wouldn’t want to journey with home comforts and watch the sunset from the coasts and plains?

To answer this, Zone RV offers a range of towable RVs suited to the adventurous couple or an entire family. The Sojourn is the spacious family carrier of the range, capable of housing up to five people for extended journeys, equipped with a queen-sized bed and optional double or triple bunk beds. At 8.8 metres long, the Sojourn is perfect for lengthy adventures from coast to coast, maximising home comfort with amenities common of domestic living such as a seamless kitchen with a sink, oven and bracket to hold a TV. The solar-panelled roof also allows self-sufficiency when it comes to electronics on the road, meaning no cumbersome batteries to deal with. 

The Peregrine is Zone RV’s smaller, more manoeuvrable towable RV. Its size makes it the ideal option to venture offroad, where it proves advantageous to move around the wilderness. Fitted with its own kitchen, dining area, ensuite bathroom (and shower), and queen-sized bed, it is ideal for couples seeking a singular adventure or lifestyle on the open road. 

The Expedition, meanwhile, is the latest addition to the Zone RV fleet and is coming to the market soon. The most adventurous of its kind, the Expedition features a pop-top roof that creates a roomy internal space at camp, a streamlined off-road caravan on the highway, and a lower overall height to clear overhanging branches on tracks. With a larger outside kitchen, spending more time outdoors becomes a breeze.


Zone RV’s range of models not only embodies the enduring spirit required when journeying across Australia, but also a technologically advanced edge, both in material design and software applications, aspects that place them ahead of the competition in the country’s RV market. 

Fit for the digital age, Zone RV’s Wi-Fi-enabled models have the option of feature control via mobile phone. Mounted wall fans, kitchen lights, and LED strip lighting with dimmer controls are three among a host of features that RV owners can tap into and activate, alter and control from a simple app, making their ideal camping environment easier to achieve than ever before, and able to be changed at a whim. 

The optional Cel-Fi Go mobile Wi-Fi booster increases any available mobile signal up to 30 times and all devices inside the caravan will benefit. Zone RV offers the Telstra unit for the best reception across Australia, boosting 3G and 4G.

The company’s towable RV models boast solar-panelled roofs that drink in the Australian sun, converting green energy to help power all of these features. Higher capacity solar arrays allow the battery banks to be replenished rapidly in peak sunshine, whilst a portable solar blanket is able to reach the sun from shaded campsites for extra solar power. The 2,000-Watt (W) 240V REDARC inverter is powerful enough to run most RV appliances, however some may require 3,000W including the optional air conditioner.

On top of this, Zone RV’s models are led by lithium – the REDARC 200Ah lithium battery bank helps ride out bad weather until full solar generation returns, perfect for spending longer periods off-grid where larger banks are ideal. The REDARC Manager 30 lithium battery charger is used in combination with a REDARC BCDC1250D charger to achieve up to 80 amps (A) charging while driving, from either solar or mains power. REDARC Manager 30 connects to the RedVision display and mobile app for effortless switching and data display.


This combined energy keeps Zone RV appliances and utilities powered up on the long haul, on road or off, such as the fridge, microwave, induction hobs, water heater, washing machine and optional air conditioner to name a few. 

Each model also comes with an awning and outdoor dining panel, with the upcoming Expedition model also featuring a BBQ slide to maximise use of the outdoors. 

But Zone RV also understands that, just like any home, RV models are both a financial and emotional investment; in the area of security, Zone RV offers an optional GPS tracking system on subscription to help keep the customer’s caravan of choice monitored and safe.

When the big day comes and a customer receives their new model, the Zone RV team strives to ensure that owners enjoy the best experience during their journey. The handover day of a customer’s new Zone RV model is an exciting occasion, and the company welcomes them into its community as a Zone RV owner. 

Zone RV understands that as caravan and adventure enthusiasts, handover day can be an exciting but also daunting experience. To ensure that every customer feels comfortable in their new Zone RV and has the best experience, all customers have the option to receive their new model at the stunning Hangar O.

Hangar O is a 160-acre property located just north of Gympie (Queensland), approximately just over an hour from the Zone RV showroom and factory. The Zone RV handover experience is designed to make sure every customer feels comfortable and has the opportunity to enjoy their new caravan in a relaxed environment. The experience includes a site for up to two nights at Hangar O, while customers use and learn the new features of their caravan with on-site help if necessary.

Zone RV believes that giving its customers the opportunity to relax over a two-night stay gives them the opportunity to become comfortable in a new environment before hitting the road on their next adventure.

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