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Latest Mining Corporate Stories

Wiluna Mining : Breathing New Life into an Old Mine

Executive Chair at Wiluna Mining, Milan Jerkovic analyses company transformation, thinking for the long-term, and unleashing the site’s multi-million-ounce potential.

Weir Minerals : New Age Mining

Standing as a global player in the mining and aggregates industry, Weir Minerals represents the progressive future of the sector through female inclusion, technological development, and sustainable aims. We speak with Strategy Director, Melissa Davison.

NKW Group : Industry, Environment, Community

We shine a light on the NKW Group, it’s range of industry services available in the market, and developments for the future.

Maxitool Group : Safety and Certainty

Blake Cremer, General Manager of the Mining division at Maxitool Group, examines prioritising safety and consistency to become the preferred supplier to Australia’s leading mining companies.

Boart Longyear : Bouncing Back Better

Jeff Olsen, CEO at Boart Longyear Limited (ASX: BLY), discusses how his firm has overcome significant challenges to become a major player in drilling services.

CPC Engineering : Driving Partnerships For Success

Glen Weir, CEO at CPC Engineering, discusses the importance of fostering and maintaining key, strategic relationships for mutual success in the industry.

Thomas Arnold By Thomas Arnold

Vitrinite : Brighter Coal

“Vitrinite goes above and beyond for the community.” We speak to the executive team at Vitrinite about the company’s recent people-centric operations in Queensland’s coal mining space.

TKI Group : Serving Papua New Guinea

An inside look into TKI Group and its operations within the Western Province in Papua New Guinea.

Donovan Smith By Donovan Smith

Thejo Engineering Limited : Dual Purpose Engineering

We speak to V. A. George, Managing Director of Thejo Engineering Limited, about the company’s unique place and provisions in the Indian engineering and mining space.

Marcus Kääpä Joshua Mann By Marcus Kääpä Joshua Mann

Ravenswood Gold : Putting Ravenswood First

Brett Fletcher, CEO at Ravenswood Gold, discusses the transformation of the mining industry and his company’s vision to be renowned as the largest gold mine in Queensland, Australia.

Thomas Arnold By Thomas Arnold