Issue 48

Blueleaf Energy : Harness the Sun, Transform the Future 

Sol Proops, CEO at Blueleaf Energy, discusses the potential for exponential growth in Asia’s renewable sector and discusses sustainability.

UFS Dispensaries Ltd : Caring for Australia

A business that believes in giving back, UFS Dispensaries Ltd has been contributing to the Australian healthcare sector for 200 years.  

By Phoebe Harper Callam Waller

Bangkok Air Catering : Navigating Disruption

Khun Linus A.E. Knobel, Managing Director of Bangkok Air Catering, discusses the importance of an agile approach following COVID-19.

By Editorial Team Donovan Smith

TNI King Coffee : Building a Global Coffee Empire

The story behind the rise of TNI King Coffee, a Vietnamese coffee brand and café franchise with ambitious plans at home and abroad.

By Editorial Team Donovan Smith

dpa lighting consultants : Light in Design

We spoke to Richard Bolt, Partner at dpa lighting consultants, about the company at the centre of the lighting design industry.

By Marcus Kääpä Ryan Gray

Stars Microelectronics : Innovation in Thailand

We talk to Stars Microelectronics about tackling new technologies, streamlining supply chain management and making a mark on Thailand.

By Phoebe Harper

Cellcard : Digitising Cambodia

Ian Watson, CEO of Cellcard, discusses how his organisation is setting the standard for a digital revolution in Cambodia.

By Editorial Team Donovan Smith

Sri Lanka Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Rubber Products (SLAMERP)

The Outlook Team take a deep dive into Sri Lanka’s longstanding rubber industry with SLAMERP and government-backed plans for expansion.

By Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas

Singapore Manufacturing Federation : Spotlight

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation, one of Singapore's largest organisations, represents interests of manufacturing-related industries. 

By Editorial Team

Plus Solar Systems : Driving Sustainability in Malaysia

Ko Chuan Zhen, co-founder and CEO of Plus Solar Systems, discusses how the company became a major force in clean energy solutions.

OmniTech : Trade in Technology

Having built his business from the ground up, we spoke to Alex Chang, Managing Director of OmniTech, about growing technology.

Nexans Olex : Responsible Manufacturing

With sustainability a core part of their strategy, the CEO of Nexans Olex, Greg Stack, discusses its place in the manufacturing industry.

By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Moratelindo : Indonesia’s Critical Connector

Michael McPhail, CTO of Moratelindo, discusses the path to growth following a challenging year within Indonesia.

By Editorial Team

Kramer Ausenco : Committed to Asia-Pacific

Adam Kramer, Director and Project Manager at Kramer Ausenco, discusses the organisation’s journey after more than four decades of success.

By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Integrated Facility Solutions (IFS) : Facilitating Thailand

Bangkok based facility solutions firm Integrated Facility Solutions talks about expansion and adapting to customer demand.

By Phoebe Harper Donovan Smith

Gold Fields Australia : Core and Community

Stuart Mathews talks to us about how Gold Fields Australia showcases the potential of employee, environment, and community-centric business.

By Marcus Kääpä Joshua Mann

DESIGNWILKES : Timeless and Elegant Design

Jeffrey Wilkes, founder of DESIGNWILKES, discusses his organisation’s drive to always put the customer at the forefront of decision-making.

By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Bukalapak : Fairness Through Technology

The technology unicorn Bukalapak is motivated by a noble goal: to help grow the digital economy in Indonesia and make it fair for all.

By Editorial Team

Bombardier Australia (Alstom) : Moving Together

Bombardier develops sustainable rail transport across the globe, fuelling innovative new safety solutions in the face of COVID-19. 

By Marcus Kääpä

CyberSecurity Malaysia : Securing Cyberspace

With cybercrime an ever-growing issue, we spoke to the CEO of CyberSecurity Malaysia to discover the latest in online protection.

By Marcus Kääpä

Combatting COVID-19 in Asia

Axel Roesner and Marco Bovolini discuss their organisation’s response to COVID-19 and commitment to the continent of Asia.

By Editorial Team

LG : Mobile Innovation

The new design by LG blurs the lines between mobile and tablet, merging the two devices into one seamless body.

By Marcus Kääpä

Supply Chain Decentralisation : Preventing World Trade Strangulation

China’s role as origin of many supply chains means that any major disruption within the country has a knock on effect on supply chains all over the world.

By Amit Ghosh