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Marcus Kääpä
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Mobile Innovation

The new design by LG blurs the lines between mobile and tablet, merging the two devices into one seamless body.

Technology is rapidly evolving. 

Over the past two years in particular, we have seen the dramatic leap in tech development across the board. From online connection, to work-related software, video call apps, and new games consoles, technology has become central to our lives.

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic rocking industries across the globe throughout 2020 and into the present, the best and latest in technological developments has become more than ever a driving force behind our work, and a necessity in our lives today. Consistent high-performance internet connection has become more desirable as well as required due to the many government-imposed lockdowns across the world, and with this demand in quality digital services the value of tech companies, their products, and services has skyrocketed. 

This trend in the increased need for digital services rises alongside the global demand for the latest tech products in the market. Laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones with greater processing power, smoother user interaction, and higher resolution screens have been in the cross hairs of a growing customer base. This demand is fuelled by many aspects of lockdown-related life, one of the most important being the smooth internet connection for digital interaction. 

As the workplace for many has shifted to a home-based digital environment, having access to a new mobile phone with the latest apps and software has become a paramount importance to a substantial number of people. 

The latest craze in the mobile phone sphere is the soon to arrive LG Rollable phone. This mobile was recently teased and has taken the technology industry by storm having blurred the lines between mobile and tablet. 

LG’s Rollable is not only the latest model of LG phone, coming with the most up-to-date software, processing speed, and quality user interface, but it also has an aspect that sets it apart from any other phone that has come before it. 

The LG Rollable has been designed with work and entertainment in mind. At the command of a simple brush on its side, the phone increases its screen size to almost twice what it was originally, turning the mobile into small tablet. The mobile’s frame shifts allowing the user to access a larger screen, either for personal or group usage.

The rollable phone is a very different approach to the market than that of previous designs, such as foldable phones and devices made by the likes of Samsung and Huawei. This foldable aspect surrounding a “clamshell” design allowed the smart phone screen to bend and fold to achieve a tablet’s width. The rollable is the next stage of this evolution. With an increased fluidity of motion than foldable devices, the rollablephone is seamless in its mobile-to-tablet transformation. 

An advantage of LG’s new mobile is that no secondary external display is needed. In place of this, the screen adapts to suit how much screen the user wants to see, and fluctuates the UI and apps depending on the requirements.

The rollable, rather than foldable aspect of the phone provides a bigger flexible OLED panel to appear,allowing the phone to convert into a small tablet. Although not the size of the well-known iPad or Galaxy Tablet, the LG rollable combines an advanced mobile with an optional tablet design.

The benefits of such a device are both obvious and numerous. Mobiles are a necessity for the average person in the present – a time when technology and digital connection is at the forefront of many elements of work and lifestyle. The ability to transform your mobile into a quality tablet comes in useful when looking at recreational usage or that of work-based use. 

On the move, users can have access to video streaming websites and applications that can be enjoyed on a larger screen rather than squinting at a phone to spy details – a brilliant notion when considering reading e-books or online articles. This is made all the better when also considering watching videos with another, where the screen allows for two people to comfortably binge-watch a series or films. For the leisurely creative, the ability to access a small tablet provides the opportunity to draw and design with a freedom that is reduced when using just a mobile screen.

And when it comes to the workplace, the LG Rollable offers a substantial advantage. Group calls,presentations and plans, taking notes, and watching instructional videos are all made easier with a tablet that can shrink and fit in your pocket. 

The LG Rollable may have paved the way for future designs of mobile phones across the technology industry. The ability for a mobile to extend to a tablet’s width offers users a variety of options in a new, seamless, and more comfortable package. Its design is revolutionary in its application to lifestyle and workplace needs, and it is exciting to see LG’s project move ahead to fruition, and indeed to see if the future of mobiles will follow this unique new innovation.

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