What is your greatest success story of initiating change within your company?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
The Final Word

We gave featured business leaders of issue 56 the final word in answering “What is your greatest success story of initiating change within your company?”

Allan Fidock CEO, Batchfire Resources

“I think what I’ve been able to bring to the business is a level of stability, experience, and leadership that enables people to do their roles. I took the opportunity to bring in some new people, some I knew and others who are entirely new, so we’ve got a lot of fresh faces in key roles.

“We’ve taken on the task of building credibility with the workforce, showing people what can be achieved, and giving them the scope and the room to do their jobs. I think I’ve bought that level of direction to the business and there’s no rocket science about it, it’s just the way I do things. There’s still a long way to go but there’s certainly more of a sense of confidence around the workforce and the staff that we’re on the right track.”

Ginny Foo CEO, Innoquest Diagnostics

“The success of the Innoquest story lies in the fact that we are always open for change, ready to innovate and dare to dream, and to see that dream become a reality.
“I have been with this organisation since January 2004 and I have seen it morph from a small insignificant and struggling laboratory provider to become the biggest independent private laboratory in the region, with the highest level of automation and capabilities in the space of 18 years.

“This would not be possible without the vision from the very beginning and the blood, sweat and tears poured in through the years from all the stakeholders to make this happen.”

Jeanette Cheah CEO, Hex

“I would say the fact that we were able to keep a predominantly travel based business alive during the COVID-19 pandemic – and not just alive but growing. 

“We scaled our services to four different countries without having to fire any staff. Pivoting our company from being less travel-based to more tech-based was my proudest achievement here. And through all that, we managed to take really great care of our students.”

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