Volvo : A Touch of Swedish Class

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Volvo: Bringing a touch of Swedish class to Thailand's automotive market

Volvo is synonymous with Nordic style and reliability.

One of Scandinavia’s most reputed brands, the automotive giant is also making its mark on the Asian continent, not least in Thailand where its subsidiary Volvo Cars Thailand is going from strength to strength.

“Our safety heritage is well documented, and we of course ensure that this remains front of mind with Thai consumers,” commented Chris Wailes, the division’s Managing Director in an exclusive interview with Asia Outlook.

“However, the fact we are a Swedish brand with Scandinavian style is equally important. This design language is not only seen on our cars, but at all of our external events which show consumers the clean, elegant, premium feel which is uniquely Swedish.”

Such Swedish flair is also on display throughout the showrooms operated by Volvo Cars Thailand’s retail partners, what is known as the Volvo Retail Experience.

“Being in Thailand, so far away from Sweden, having daily temperatures which normally start with a three means we have to be very creative in how we show this to our customers,” continues Wailes. “The majority of Thai people have never visited Sweden, and most have never experienced the cold winter temperatures, let alone snow!”

Find out more about the Volvo Retail Experience, and other activities ongoing at the company, in the full interview here:

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