Asia Warehousing Show 2016

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Asia Warehousing Show 2016

Asia Warehousing Show 2016, and the concurrent Asia Cold Chain Show – held from 6-8 July, 2016 at BITEC, Bangna, Bangkok – is a must-see event for supply chain and logistics professionals. It is a premier warehousing, supply chain, logistics, materials handling and storage exhibition, showcasing hundreds of products and services from right across the supply chain.

“The show will provide visitors with unique one-stop shop for everything required in the modern warehouse,” said Kiran Mittal, Managing Director. “Not only will there be materials handling equipment – from fork lift trucks to automated logistics systems – but visitors will also discover innovative and cost-effective ideas; such as racking and shelving, storage solutions, health and safety systems, software, pallets, and palletising equipment, property recruitment and training services, third-party logistics, transport and distribution (including cold chain), flooring, packaging, handling system design, financial service, and warehousing.

With the industry growing at an incomparable pace, the focus is on delivering goods in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. To combat the challenges of managing manpower and cutting down the operations time, visit to Asia Warehousing Show and its 100 exhibitors will cure your logistics headache!

You don’t have to be a logistician to make the most of the event. Certainly you will find your visit thoroughly worthwhile, whether you are the operator of a small facility with a single fork lift; a manufacturer looking to consolidate your store room, or a retail operation with distribution or delivery issues. If you are seeking ways to make your supply chain greener, then Asia Warehousing Show is for you. Furthermore, the concurrent conference on ‘Developing Effective Strategies to Meet the Emerging Warehousing & Supply Chain Demand’ will provide insight into the various aspects of modern warehousing.

WHEN: 6-8 July, 2016

WHERE: BITEC, Bagna, Bangkok


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