ONZO Partners with EDMI Limited to Create Personalised Energy Analytics Solution

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
ONZO Partners with EDMI Limited to Create Personalised Energy Analytics Solution

Data analytics software company, ONZO, and EDMI, the global smart metering solutions leader, have unveiled an innovative new partnership that will allow consumers to view their energy usage at a granular level, to maximise energy efficiency and to adapt their behaviour to save money.

ONZO is working closely with EDMI to integrate analytics into EDMI’s Energy Cloud product to enable energy service providers and utilities to gain insights about their customers and provide improved engagement products.

Through partnering with ONZO, the Company will be able to provide utilities and energy service providers with highly personalised energy data analytic solutions that can be used to provide advanced analytics directly to their own customers. 

Spencer Rigler, Chief Executive Officer of ONZO, said: “Through our partnership with EDMI, ONZO’s analytics will enable utilities to truly understand their customer’s energy usage and develop stronger personal relationships. Personalised engagement through ‘gamification’ and energy breakdown is the next step for the industry and will ultimately improve customer loyalty and reduce churn for utilities.”

ONZO analytics will be used for ‘gamification’, allowing customers to play games against themselves or friends to improve energy management, solar analytics, and energy breakdown by appliance. Focused analytics engines will also enable the utility to understand the different demographics, trends and preferences of their customer which ultimately allows them to build a better relationship and offer more targeted products and services.

Andrew Thomas, Executive Director, EDMI Australasia, said:“Our partnership with ONZO will enable us to add significant value to the data from our energy solutions and allow utilities and energy service providers to deliver new solutions such as in-home sensors and energy management capability directly to their customers. ONZO has been able to tailor its solution around our specific requirements and offer flexibility in the solution we offer utilities.”

Integration between ONZO’s analytics and EDMI’s Energy Cloud platform has begun with the aim to roll out to Australasian customers by February 2016. 

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