Suntech New Silicon Cells Optimise Global Solar Solutions

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Suntech New Silicon Cells Optimise Global Solar Solutions

Wuxi Suntech, a subsidiary of Shunfeng International Clean Energy (SFCE), has achieved a new round of efficiency breakthroughs for its silicon solar cells. The Hypro modules that use these solar cells, together with Sunways inverters, will contribute significantly to the optimised and integrated EPC solar solutions that SFCE is rolling out around the world. Tested by the National Centre of Supervision and Inspection on Solar Photovoltaic Products Quality, the conversion efficiencies of Suntech’s monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells have reached yields as high as 20.82 percent and 19.11 percent respectively, positioning Suntech as a leader in the global photovoltaic industry.

These advances come just two months after Suntech first introduced its high-efficiency HyPro monocrystalline silicon cells, which at the time had a 20.5 percent efficiency yield. Suntech’s HyPro is available in 60 cell and 72 cell modules with 290W and 330W output power respectively, which represent an average of 20W power increase – above the industry standards – thus marking Suntech’s HyPro module as one of the most superior panels in the solar market.

As part of the SFCE group, Suntech and other subsidiaries are in the unique position to achieve even greater output in electricity generation through leveraging technological synergies. The Group’s EPC solution, led by Suntech’s fellow SFCE subsidiary SAG, offers clients a one-stop shop for EPC needs, connecting up-stream PV manufacturing and down-stream solar services and plant development, creating comprehensive and integrated solar solutions. Coupling Suntech’s new high-efficiency modules with Sunways’s inverters delivers 3 percent more electricity generation. Moreover, SFCE’s EPC solutions deliver additional output yields of over 20 percent when used alongside Sunways’ Smart Linkage Tracker, and an additional 3 percent from the use of meteocontrol’s O&M systems. Through the full integration and synergy of SFCE’s comprehensive solar technologies spanning the entire solar value chain, the group can increase EPC customers’ investment returns by 3 percent.

As a subsidiary of SFCE, Suntech makes use of its robust financial backing and resiliency to strengthen product quality and reduce costs all while injecting capital into research and development. Suntech provides world-class anti-PID products that boast high performance yields with enhanced low-light performance, and is devoted to reducing the generation costs of modules.

Meanwhile, under its strong management team, Suntech is strengthening relationships in key markets, sourcing valuable partnerships and expanding its project portfolios as a means to enhance its presence and generate more value to its clients.

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