Riege Software International Celebrates 30th Anniversary

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Riege Software International Celebrates 30th Anniversary

“30 years of Riege Software International. 30 years of innovative thinking…There is more than one good reason to celebrate and focus on the imminent future,” said Johannes Riege, Founder and CEO of Riege Sotfware International. 

Punching out the formative code of the world’s earliest of freight software, Johannes succeeded in convincing his first customers to adopt his system in 1985. This outstanding TMS called Procars grew mightily and within 20 years served over 15,000 users worldwide. 

In the mid 90’s, Christian Riege, future head of development, joined the company and began development of a future-oriented, future-proof successor to Procars, supported by 80 highly ambitious staff. 

It was in the year 2006, when Scope – claiming the unique proposition “Innovation in Logistics” – at last reached marketability and in short order became acknowledged as a leading and outstanding software solution for the cargo industry. A success, Christian shares with his two brothers, Tobias and Benjamin, who joined the company almost simultaneously. While Tobias became COO, Benjamin took over the marketing department, both working hand in hand to further the product and brand as well as the company itself. 

The outstanding extent of Scope is not simply serving the industry’s standards for managing logistic processes but to optimise them by automation, communication and integration of all necessary processes with four paramount goals in mind: to unburden the daily work of users, to simplify collaboration, to drive e-freight and to increase profitability. 

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