Xiaomi in Global top 10 for Smartphone Shipments

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Xiaomi in Global top 10 for Smartphone Shipments

With a reported 279.4 million Smartphones shipped globally in Q1 of 2014 – 97.5 million of which are in China – Chinese phone-maker Xiaomi has broken into the global top 10 for the first time, the newest figures from Canalys say.

Boosted by buyers in China, half of the worldwide top 10 phone brands are now Chinese. Huawei is third, Lenovo further, Xiaomi enters at sixth, Coolpad is eighth, and ZTE is ninth. Samsung remains the global Smartphone leader, accounting for 31 percent of shipments, whilst Apple is second with 16 percent.

Despite all the home-grown competition, Samsung is still ahead of the game in China, where it leads with an impressive 18 percent market share. Xiaomi got a huge boost in China and has moved to third place in the country. Xiaomi sells its Android-based phones in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The upstart brand is working on launching in ten new countries this year, including major markets like India and Indonesia. Xiaomi’s Huo Barra stated that the company’s next launch will happen in Malaysia in the coming weeks, reported Tech in Asia.

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