Apple Offer Buyback Scheme for iPad Mini

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By Editorial Team
Apple Offer Buyback Scheme for iPad Mini

In a desperate attempt to break into the Indian market, Apple announced in mid-February that it will buy back old iPads and Macbooks in India for 5000 Rupees (US$81) or more when customers choose to purchase the new iPad Mini.

The offer ends March 29th and follows January’s offer; giving iPad Mini buyers an 18-month instalment plan, with a 5000 Rupees (US$81) down payment.

With a price of 21,900 Rupees (US$353) for the most basic iPad Mini in India’s retail market, BGR India reports lower prices are needed for Apple to compete with the quality and affordable nature of Android tablets that have flooded the market.

In early February, Apple decided it would resurrect the discontinued iPhone 4 specifically for India, Indonesia and Brazil. This is the first time Apple have ever restarted production of a discontinued phone. Perhaps this demonstrates America’s eagerness to be able to offer a cheaper, entry-level device that can compete in the toughening Android market. With an ever-growing demand for Smartphones around the world, this could be a key strategy to modernise the devices available in the Asian market.

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