Asia Pacific Resources International Ltd (APRIL) goes green

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Asia Pacific Resources International Ltd (APRIL) goes green

Indonesia’s second largest pulp (paper) company are pledging to change their ways as the forestry sector comes under increasing pressure from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) to implement more environmentally friendly methods into manufacturing.

WBCSD put the paper company’s membership on probation after it was suspended from its Forest Solutions Group. APRIL was given 12 months to show proof that it will meet the green targets, changing its policies on deforestation or face sanctions and complete expulsion from the Forest Solutions Group.

The company announced yesterday that it would stop buying materials from any suppliers found to have sourced products from High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF), those classed as rich in socio-economic biodiversity in specific areas. “We are mandating our suppliers who supply wood and fibre to go through an HCVF assessment” explained APRIL president Praveen Singhavi, “we will not buy from those who do not.”

Part of this process involves the company setting up a committee, consisting of forestry groups and business lobbies, who will oversee the policy. Forestry campaigners see APRIL’s new policies to be very positive, but stress that implementing their claims will be key to meet the discussed plans.

According to the UN, 70 per cent of carbon emissions in Indonesia are caused by deforestation, the world’s third-biggest emitter. APRIL will reforest a 20,450 hectares patch of forest in Pulau Padang, Sumatra as part of a 10-year $17 million forest restoration programme started in May 2013.

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