Google’s first data centres in Asia ‘up and running’

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Google's first data centres in Asia 'up and running'

Internet giant Google has opened its first ever data centres in Asia. The firm said that the centres will help provide users with faster and “more reliable” access to its tools and services.

The two new centres are based in Taiwan and Singapore.

“Two years after we announced our plans to keep up with Asia’s Internet growth with our first data centres in the region, our facilities in Taiwan and Singapore are now up and running. Thank goodness they are,” Joe Kava, vice president of data centres at Google, said in a blogpost.

“While we’ve been busy building, the growth in Asia’s Internet has been amazing,” he added. “The number of Internet users in India doubled, from 100 million to 200 million. It took six years to achieve that milestone in the U.S. Between July and September of this year alone, more than 60 million people in Asia landed on the mobile Internet for the first time. That’s almost two Canadas, or three Australias. And this growth probably won’t slow for some time, since the majority of people that have yet to come online also happen to live in Asia.

“Today, our facilities in Taiwan and Singapore are online and serving these users in Asia and around the world with faster, more reliable access to our tools and services.”

Google said it plans to invest $600 million in the long run in its Taiwan data centre – the bigger of the two facilities in the region.

“Our local team chooses a theme for each of our facilities. In this case, they decided on robots – complete with a 400kg centerpiece designed by a Thai artist from scrap metals,” Kava said.

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