What legacy does your company hope to leave?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question, “What legacy does your company hope to leave?”

Peter Absalom, Operations Director, Novus Bolashak

“We hope to leave behind an educated, well-balanced, and employable workforce. We want to make sure our staff, who we have put through training, have career continuity once our project closes. Kazakhstan is a small country, and considering we have 5,000 people on the job, we have to make sure we find sustainable future employment for these people.” 

Cameron Green, Managing Director for Oceania, Kerry Logistics Oceania Pty Ltd  

“Our vision extends beyond immediate business goals. We aim to set a lasting legacy as a pioneer and leader in the logistics and supply chain industry. Our focus is not just on providing exceptional services but also on driving innovation, fostering sustainability, and empowering communities. We want to be remembered as a company that not only met the logistics needs of its clients, but also contributed positively to the environment and society at large.”   

Hamish Moffat, Managing Director, Zenith Energy

“If we can enhance our employees’ careers and their lives because they’ve been involved in the energy transition and actually delivering it rather than talking about it, that’s a very nice legacy for us to leave that they can pass onto their families. Then there is the positive impact on our First Nations people; there’s so much to be done, and we’ve got a real opportunity to make a difference for them.” 

Bernie Quinn, Engineering Director and Partner, Premcar Pty Ltd

“I want everyone who has worked at Premcar to say they loved their time here. We’re in the people business; we make people happy with the new vehicles we create, and we strive to make people happy in their jobs at Premcar. I want people to love our products, but most importantly I want people to have loved working with us.” – Bernie Quinn, Engineering Director and Partner, Premcar Pty Ltd 

Jeanette Lee, CEO, Envipure

“Envipure aims to leave a legacy as a leader in environmental engineering, pioneering sustainable solutions and services in air and water treatment solutions. The company seeks to set new industry standards, inspire environmental responsibility, and exceed regulatory norms. Envipure’s legacy is rooted in corporate social responsibility, integrity, and a positive impact on communities and the environment, fostering a cleaner and healthier world for future generations.”  

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