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As one of the world’s most renowned and reputed manufacturing entities, Cummins Sales & Services has long had to find a balance between standardising market-leading practices on a global scale with a close adherence to local regulations and trends, but has certainly achieved just that in Southeast Asia from its Singaporean base.


Present in the region for the best part of two decades, Cummins Sales & Services Singapore acts as an increasingly pivotal hub within its wider international strategy; a hub which also incorporates a presence in Bangladesh, Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

Given that the global behemoth finds itself situated in more than 190 countries all-told, its saturation in this market may not be surprising, but the ability to replicate business models, business successes and market share dominance across its distribution, filtration, engine manufacturing and power generation arms nevertheless remains impressive.

The key to the business’s continued and consistent positive standing in the sector derives from a clearly laid out set of missions and considerations which filter down from the very top of the Group hierarchy, and across every inch of its worldwide network.

“Making people’s lives better by unleashing the power of Cummins,” stands head and shoulders above all philosophies and is applied by each and every one of the Group’s 54,000 employees.

“The Company takes pride in manufacturing technologies that serve the varied needs of its customers worldwide,” Cummins emphasises on its website. “To do that, Cummins unleashes the power of its employees. Their energy and commitment make it possible for the Company to maintain a leadership position in the markets it serves.”


An equally vital supporting cast of missions, principles and values further ensure that all work is carried out with the highest levels of efficiency, sustainability, responsibility and customer satisfaction in mind, and are applied throughout Cummins’ product portfolio in Southeast Asia.

“We serve original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), dealers, end-use customers and many others in the following markets: on-highway (trucks, buses, recreational vehicles and emergency vehicles); off-highway and industrial (construction, agriculture, mining, rail, defence, oil & gas and material handling; power generation; and commercial and recreational marine.

“As our customers are increasingly operating on a global basis, we will elevate to the level where every customer everywhere in the world will feel the full power of Cummins each time they interact with us.”

Operating under the principle of “advanced power, every time” the constant strive to improve upon the existing market offering occurs across Cummins’ four business units – engine, power generation, components and distribution – which envelop a plethora of sub-sectors embracing the design, manufacture, distribution and maintenance of fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems.

The end result is a passion for advanced, dependable power which makes Cummins a partner of choice in each of its operating regions.


“Customers are the lifeblood of our business,” Cummins Sales & Services affirms. “Cummins strives to provide high quality products, processes and services to give us the competitive edge that keeps our customers coming back time and again.”

As the primary differentiator, and the stated reason for Cummins’ global success since it was incepted in 1919, customer support excellence, and the existing relationships that the Company has with multinationals, has been key to each aspect of its geographic expansion; making sure that the products being delivered from Singapore or the wider region were in-line with the same synonymous levels of quality being seen in its native US, or indeed the rest of the world.

“We care about your business and your success,” the Company continues. “Our goal is always to have the most comprehensive understanding of your needs and challenges so that we can best determine how our products and services uniquely serve you.”

A standalone Support subsidiary encapsulating areas of customer assistance, a contact directory, a service locator, online parts and services, product registration and distribution is further demonstration of this ethos, and as the Group CEO explains, the service doesn’t just stop there: “Our customer support job doesn’t end when we sell the product.

“To help make our customers successful, we’ve got to make sure they can use the product to the full extent of its capability,” Chairman, Tom Linebarger says.


Optimising operations is something that Cummins Sales & Services has honed and refined both internally and externally, beginning with an unrivalled commitment to innovation, and ending far beyond the realms of manufacturing via numerous corporate social responsibility, sustainability and environmental initiatives.

While the latter reaps the benefits of Cummins’ substantial wealth, it is the former that generates said wealth to begin with, with innovation engrained in the Company’s culture.

“Throughout the almost 100-year history of our Company, our product innovations have enabled us to develop technologies to meet and exceed stringent emissions regulations across the globe and provide our customers with the products they need to be successful,” the business notes. “Today, innovation is just as critical to our success as it was in the early days.

“With our mature market emissions near zero, our focus now is on improving product efficiency and understanding our customers’ needs better than anyone else through the development of strong partnerships.

“Understanding our customers’ needs before they do and applying the creative ingenuity to make us better, faster, first, is the key to our future success in an increasingly competitive environment.

“With ‘innovation you can depend on’, Cummins will see the future first and beat our competition to it.”

Seeing the future first is an equally apt motto in addressing the needs of others; something which Cummins does extensively via its three-pronged global impact strategy.

Comprising areas of the environment, education and equal opportunity, the all-encompassing CSR banner also brings into play areas of sustainability and diversity; both of which have become staple pillars of Cummins’ overall success.

The Company concludes: “Cummins recognises that, with its role as a corporate leader, comes a responsibility to help improve the communities in which employees work and live. It is a responsibility the Company brings to life through its actions and the activities of its employees.

“As a company, we are committed to ensuring that everyone in our workforce has equal access to opportunity. It is one of our most deeply held values.

“Likewise, as we work to improve communities throughout the world, we are committed to helping remove barriers that may prohibit people from achieving their full potential.

“In each Cummins community, we seek to support the groups that are marginalised with the belief that when anyone is unable to access basic economic or social opportunities, the entire community is diminished.”

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