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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

The demands of the logistics and fabrication market sectors in the 21st century are more complex than ever, with business becoming ever more globalised and people expecting ever more from manufacturers. It’s in this exciting and fast moving environment that Huationg Holdings has learned to thrive.


Under the leadership of Managing Director Lee Chin Tiong, Huationg has built a name for itself by using top of the range industrial equipment and facilities, operated by a team of well trained, capable staff with over 20 years of experience as a company.

The company is well known in the oil and gas, construction, shipping port and marine infrastructure industries. Today the business consists of six separate yet interlinked companies, Huationg Inland Transport Service, Huationg Asia, Hua Resources, Huakeong Trading and LSS Construction Pte Ltd. It’s reached this point over three decades of hard work and dedication from relatively humble beginnings in the 1980s. They have expanded into subsidiary businesses, and each of those businesses has built a strong reputation on their own. Through hard work, integrity, and most importantly, a strong cohesiveness between staff and management, the Huationg group is now a name that immediately brings to mind excellent service.

Indeed, over the last year the company’s revenue has jumped from $59 million to $66 million, and even now they are considering expanding their geographic footprint into Burma.


The trouble with being a holding company is that your business will hold other businesses, each with their own markets, needs and interests, and if you’re not careful those can come into conflict with each other. The Huationg group has been able to navigate these potential issues with the aid of a strong set of values and a united vision that runs through the entire company like words through a stick of rock. As the company grows and expands and clings ever closer to its commitment to customer service and integrated civil engineering and construction solutions. To Huationg Holdings this doesn’t just mean having the latest technology or the best facilities, but also having a team of well trained personnel and crew, undergoing a process of continuous development and improvement. And every member of that team is imbued with the values that Huationg holds dear.

Every member of staff is dedicated to providing the best civil engineering and logistic services to the petrochemical, marine and construction industries in Singapore and the wider region. Beyond a commitment to excellent service, however, Huationg Holdings is also dedicated to promoting eco-friendly business practices, and through all their projects they use sustainable and environmentally sound engineering techniques and work processes, often bring their considerable technological clout to bear. A great example of this is the liquefied soil stabilizer, a new technology that Huationg Holdings has made use of to reduce the environmental impact of their projects.

These values are also reflected in a wider sense of ethics, and all of the group’s companies comply not only with all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards, but also strict ethical principles of integrity and honesty, with the goal of building closer, trusting relationships with Huationg Holdings’ clients and stakeholders alike. Using a set of key performance indicators the company is constantly examining itself to ensure its ethics, integrity and professionalism are at unimpeachable levels.

At the same time they are constantly working to improve, with a continuous process of refinement, improvement and assessment so that they are able to provide the best possible value.


This strong sense of ethics is also reflected within the business, with the group believing strongly in fostering a safe, healthy work environment for all their staff, supporting and investing in them through training, education and proactive employee involvement schemes. Each of Huationg Holdings’ firms is also sworn to provide every available kind of protective gear and safety instruction.

Indeed if there’s one value at Huationg that stand above all others, it is safety. The health and safety of all employees is an absolute priority for the group, with their ultimate goal being a working environment free of injury or occupational dangers. Using standardised procedures, training and education there is a constant process of improvement as they work towards accident-free environments on-site and off.

A key part of the company’s safety crusade is that everyone in the business feels personally responsible for the standards of safety Huationg Holdings aspires to, from the most senior director down to the most junior member of crew. A programme of regular equipment maintenance, strict safety procedures and comprehensive guidelines ensures everyone is kept safe.

A motto familiar to everyone in the company is “Safety is not a priority. Safety is a pre-requisite”. To see the truth in that motto, you only have to look at their results. Huationg Holdings’ safety standards have been recognised through ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditation, recognising the contribution that has been made by Huationg’s integrated management system, as well as an outstanding record for safety, excellence and quality assurance.

That is why Huationg Holdings is one of the most trusted civil engineering and logistics solutions providers across Singapore. As they look to further expand their geographic footprint, and continue to build their individual businesses, we can’t wait to see what they’re going to achieve next.

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