Issue 45

Union Medical Healthcare : A Caring Profession

Having expanded its services, Union Medical Healthcare is focusing on what matters – looking after the wellbeing of its clients.

By Editorial Team Callam Waller

Trukai Industries : Producing for PNG

Trukai Industries Ltd has been building up a national rice industry for more than 50 years, its work centred around community and people.

By Josh Rayfield Editorial Team

Tony Ip Green Architects : Architecture for Green Living

Tony Ip Green Architects has been instrumental in driving forward sustainable building and renovation work in Hong Kong.

By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Dhaya Maju Infrastructure (Asia) : Keeping Malaysia On Track

Dhaya Maju Infrastructure (Asia) continues to spearhead vital rail projects across the country to ensure socioeconomic development.

By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Halcom Vietnam : The Renewable Renaissance

HALCOM Vietnam drives sustainable development across the country, the company spearheading a number of pioneering renewable energy projects.

By Editorial Team Donovan Smith

Chip Mong Retail : Customer Experience is King

Michael Vong, Shopping Mall Director at Chip Mong Retail, provides his insights into the volatile and fast-growing Cambodian retail sector.

By Josh Rayfield Editorial Team

B+H Architects : Designed to Inspire

As the world responds to the challenges presented by the coronavirus outbreak, B+H Architects has embraced new ways of working.

By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Andersens Floor Coverings : Curating the Country Town Culture

Andersens Flooring Coverings is embarking on an ambitious plan to grow its franchise network across Australia, the brand built on its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional personalised service. 

By Josh Rayfield Editorial Team

Global Responders Group : Answering the Call

Global Responders Group has emerged as a leading provider of integrated risk management solutions, its responsive, adaptive network of expertise able to satisfy any client’s Crisis Management and QHSE needs.

By Editorial Team

Schneider Electric: Futureproofing Businesses post-COVID-19

Energy management and digitisation are two solutions which could help businesses across Asia recover from the impact of the pandemic, says Schneider Electric.

By Editorial Team

Exploring Smart Cities in Australia and New Zealand

Smart cities in Australia and New Zealand are pioneering innovative technologies to improve sustainability, quality of life and urban resilience.

By Editorial Team

IoT and the Digital Transformation of APAC Businesses

The Asia Pacific region is well on its way to becoming the world’s biggest hardware, software and services market for the internet of things (IoT), with regional spending expected to reach $398.6 billion in 2023. 

By Sin Hin Wong

OYO Hotels and the Impact of COVID-19

We ask Hotel Giant OYO how COVID-19 has impacted them and how they have adapted as a business following the pandemic.

By Editorial Team

How New Zealand Responded to COVID-19 : An Analysis

Four months after a strict lockdown, New Zealand is being held up as a shining example of success after COVID-19. We examine why New Zealand's coronavirus response was so effective.

By Editorial Team