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DHL Express : Time-Definite Shipments

Transporting urgent documents and goods reliably and on time from door to door, DHL Express is the undisputed global leader in international express shipping. Chitra Shinde, Vice President of Operations at DHL Express New Zealand, details the division’s operations in the country.

By Chitra Shinde

Spinnaker Support : Empowering Telcos

Iain Saunderson, Chief Technology Officer at Spinnaker Support, discusses the impact of selecting the right technology support.

By Iain Saunderson

Centre of Decommissioning Australia : On a Mission to Decommission

Decommissioning is a relatively new focus area in Australia. Francis Norman, CEO and Managing Director of the Centre of Decommissioning Australia, tells us about the rapid growth of a burgeoning industry Down Under.

By Jack Salter

Oceania Football Confederation : Scoring for Sustainability

With a goal to devise and implement climate-resilient infrastructure across the Pacific region, member associations of the Oceania Football Confederation will gather later this month to draw attention to climate change and initiate action against it.

By Lily Sawyer

What new ideas in your industry excite you?

To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question, "What new ideas in your industry excite you?"

By Editorial Team

Ultimate Performance : Pushing the Limits

The grand opening of Ultimate Performance’s highly anticipated second gym in Singapore marks a significant milestone in its commitment to innovation, excellence, and pushing the boundaries in the Asia Pacific fitness industry. CEO and Founder, Nick Mitchell, shares his insights.

By Jack Salter

Solving the ESG challenge for SMEs in APAC

In the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, SMEs are the backbone of most economies, contributing 40 to 60 percent of GDP. As such, they form an indispensable part of supply chains in the region and around the world.

By Sorouch Kheradmand

Prevented Ocean Plastic Southeast Asia : Addressing the Ocean Plastic Problem

Prevented Ocean Plastic Southeast Asia is a pioneering plastic recycling company developing locally customised sorting and collection infrastructure for underserved communities across Indonesia. We find out more with co-Founder, Raffi Schieir.

By Jack Salter

Danfoss : A Gateway to Green Technologies

The unveiling of Danfoss’ Sustainability Technology Centre, the first in Asia Pacific, is set to facilitate the introduction of global decarbonisation solutions and bolster the region’s sustainability efforts.

By Jack Salter

What is your company’s new year’s resolution?

To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question, "What is your company's new year's resolution?"

By Editorial Team