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South Korea raises threat level

South Korea has raised its surveillance alert level after the North moved at least one long-range missile in readiness for a possible launch.

By Editorial Team

EPL clubs set to adopt goal-line technology

Goal-line technology will be introduced in the English Premier League in time for the 2013-14 season, the Football Association (FA) expects.

By Editorial Team

China inflation data shows recovery is weak

China’s consumer price index (CPI) dropped dramatically in March official data released today shows, indicating that the recovery in the world’s second-largest economy is still weak.

By Editorial Team

Japan’s stock market skyrockets on BoJ plan

Tokyo stocks have hit levels not seen since 2008, as investors embraced sweeping new Bank of Japan stimulus measures that have raised hopes of economic revival.

By Editorial Team

China Mobile and Vodafone join Myanmar telecoms race

China Mobile and Vodafone have signed an agreement to form a consortium to bid for a mobile telecommunications licence in Myanmar/Burma.

By Editorial Team

North Korea threatens nuclear strike against US

A statement from Pyongyang on Thursday said its military had been given final approval to launch a nuclear strike against the United States following Washington’s decision to move an advanced missile defence system to the Pacific island of Guam.

By Editorial Team

Bank of Japan (BoJ) in aggressive growth move

The Bank of Japan has said it will expand the country’s money supply, as it tries to stimulate growth in the world’s third-largest economy.

By Editorial Team

North Korea blocks access to Kaesong industrial zone

Tensions between North and South Korea continued to escalate Wednesday, with the North blocking the entry of South Korean workers into a joint industrial zone.

By Editorial Team

Boeing delivers 1,000th plane to China

Boeing and China Eastern Airlines have celebrated the delivery of the 1,000th Boeing airplane for China, one of the world's "most dynamic markets for commercial airplanes".

By Editorial Team

Apple issues China apology

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has apologised to Chinese consumers after state media accused the technology giant of “arrogance”, double standards, and of “throwing its weight around” with regards to its customer service and returns policies.

By Editorial Team