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Announcing its capacity expansion roadmap and entry into heterojunction technology, Goldi Solar is set to increase the supply of clean energy in India.


India is heavily dependent on fossil fuels and energy imports.

Around 80 percent of India’s electricity needs are met by the former, whilst dependence on the latter is expected to exceed 53 percent of the country’s total energy consumption by 2030.

Given the need to transition towards a sustainable energy future, solar power is emerging as a mainstay power supply technology, and is expected to increasingly contribute to the energy mix.

Enter Goldi Solar, India’s leading solar panel manufacturer, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services provider, and independent power producer (IPP).

Founded in 2011, Goldi Solar is a multinational corporation headquartered in Surat, Gujarat, that caters to several international brands in over 20 countries.

“Our credo of “Ghar Ghar Goldi, Har Ghar Goldi” testifies to our ambitions of making Goldi Solar a mass brand in India,” states Hardip Singh, President and Global Head of Sales and Marketing at Goldi Solar.

As part of the company’s business expansion roadmap, which will be channelled into auxiliary production, Goldi Solar has announced plans to invest over INR 5,000 crores by 2025 to increase its module manufacturing capacity to six gigawatts (GW).

This will more than double Goldi Solar’s current module manufacturing capacity of 2.5 GW, across its two existing facilities in Pipodara and Navsari.

The company also plans to commence production at its cell manufacturing unit in Gujarat by 2023, subsequently expanding its capacity to five GW, and recruit over 4,500 people across various functions to increase its workforce to more than 5,500 members of staff.

It comes as Goldi Solar aims to become an end-to-end and vertically integrated business, with module, cell, and raw material manufacturing capabilities.

“To create employment at grassroots level, Goldi Solar plans to hire 25 percent of the workforce from the local tribal regions adjoining our proposed manufacturing facility,” reveals Managing Director, Captain Ishver Dholakiya.

“To train the new recruits for a career in renewables, Goldi Solar will conduct three-month certification programmes at a skill development centre that we plan to open in collaboration with the National Skill Development Council (NDSC) in Navsari, Gujarat.”


Goldi Solar’s expanding capacity for module manufacturing is designed to increase the supply of clean energy, and accelerate the large-scale replacement of fossil fuels.

“Renewables are the future of energy. At Goldi Solar, we have committed to the honourable Prime Minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat and aspire to create an India self-reliant on renewable energy,” adds Dholakiya.

Complementary to its capacity expansion plans, Goldi Solar unveiled its new landmark product offering, HELOÇ® Plus, a high-efficiency and low-carbon module series.

In doing so, Goldi Solar has become the first Indian manufacturer to announce a 710 watt-peak (Wp) module, based on the latest heterojunction (HJT) technology.

HJT solar cells sandwich a crystalline silicon cell between two layers of amorphous thin-film silicon, increasing the efficiency of the solar panels and allowing more energy to be easily harvested.

HELOÇ® Plus provides 22.85 percent more efficiency, and reflects the view that HJT technology is currently the solar industry’s best option to maximise efficiency and power output.

“We are confident that our latest offering, HELOÇ® Plus, will be a game-changer in the industry,” acclaims Director, Bharat Bhut.

“Goldi Solar has consistently created and delivered quality modules. Our mantra is to provide better and more efficient products. In accordance with our quality ethos, we intend to form a dedicated product development and R&D team, which will accelerate the creation of high-efficiency models.”
Goldi Solar’s focus on India’s domestic consumer market has enabled the company to register its presence in major Indian cities.

Confident of increasing this presence with the proposed capacity expansion exercise and newly-launched product line, Goldi Solar’s future roadmap is a key step towards enabling all Indians to participate in an impending renewable revolution.

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