What is your company’s new year’s resolution?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question, “What is your company’s new year’s resolution?”

Josh McFarlane, CEO, Catholic Healthcare

“My new year’s resolution would be that Catholic Healthcare continues to create a wonderful place for people to work, so that our employees are passionately connected to our purpose and, in turn, deliver great outcomes for the people we care for.” 

David McKeown, CEO, Simonds Group

“To continue playing a role in keeping the Great Australian Dream alive for aspiring homeowners by helping to address the critical issues of undersupply of housing and affordability.” 

Brett Alderson, President and Site Leader, NovaCina

“To be a well-known Australian CDMO with a great reputation for quality and supply doing business around the world.” 

Justin de Beer, Business Development Manager, Kalmar Construction

“We are working with local companies in order to engage on a journey into Mauri and build our connections with local Iwi.”   

Madhushanka Ranatunga, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Lion Brewery

“To embody the spirit of leadership, adventure, local pride, and the spirit of the lion.”  

Linda Burgoyne, CEO, Matilda International Hospital

“Be the best at what we do.” 

David Maxwell, Managing Director, United Equipment Pty Ltd

“Zero lost time injuries.”  

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