What advice would you give to someone entering your industry?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question, “What advice would you give to someone entering your industry?”

Paul Moynihan, CEO, RJE Global

“Be solution orientated. It’s a very fast-paced changing environment in the mining and energy sector, more so than ever and those who succeed will be the companies and/or individuals who take time to understand their counterparts’ drivers and motivations and align their offering accordingly.”   

Kaycee Crisostom, Director, TVI Resources Development Philippines Inc.

“For someone who wishes to embark on a career or business in mining, my advice would be for that person to get out and “look at the rocks” – visit the prospects in order to develop over time a “gut feel” for this business – which is two-fold; first, to develop the right professional instinct in order to navigate intuitively through various challenges. The second is to develop fortitude in surpassing early failures and eventually breaking ground on a viable project.” 

Adelyn Ong, Managing Director, China Mobile International (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“Make a positive impact: one of my greatest motivators is the opportunity to make a positive impact on individuals, teams, and organisations. Seeing my team members grow, develop their skills, and achieve their goals brings me immense satisfaction. Contributing to the success and growth of the company and its stakeholders is also highly motivating for me.”

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