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Airports Vanuatu : Pacific Paradise

Through landmark projects and events, Airports Vanuatu is supporting the country’s socio-economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jack Salter Ryan Gray By Jack Salter Ryan Gray

Airports Vanuatu Limited

Paradise Pushed to the LimitAn economy reliant on tourism, the islands of Vanuatu have had to adjust to the economic downturn caused by the major obstacle facing the world in 2020 – COVID-19 Writer: Tom Wadlow | Project Manager: Ryan Gray Vanuatu, despite its remoteness off of the Australian coast, has felt the shockwaves created by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. The volcanic archipelago nation is made of six provinces and 83 individual islands home to tropical conditions, white beaches, clear sheltered waters, and coral reefs, some of which harbour wartime US shipwrecks. It has, up to this past year, been a distant yet popular destination for holiday goers and scuba divers around the globe. With no written history pre-colonialisation the islands’ prehistory remain rather obscure. Claimed by the Spanish during the colonial era, the largest of Vanuatu’s islands was renamed Espiritu Santo; a name that has survived to this day. Yet it was much later with the coming of the Second World War that the archipelago changed drastically. Australia had already stationed forces on one of the many islands to protect the mainland from a possible Japanese invasion, and after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, the US made use of the archipelago to station soldiers, ships, and military planes in newly built airports as a military buffer against potential Japanese forces. One of these airports, built on Santo, remains in the present as one of the three used by Airports Vanuatu Limited (AVL), founded in 2000 as a government entity. Its other airports are based on the island of Tanna,

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