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Singapore Contractors Association Ltd : Spotlight

An industry poised for post-pandemic recovery, we explore the optimistic outlook of Singapore’s construction sector as it weathers further geopolitical tensions.  

Phoebe Harper Jordan Levey By Phoebe Harper Jordan Levey

SGTech : Spotlight on the Technology Industry in Singapore

A crucible of innovation, Singapore is a beacon of forward-thinking technology. We take a dive into the industry as the nation endeavours to reach Smart Nation status.

Phoebe Harper Dave West By Phoebe Harper Dave West

Fuelchief : Vitalising Resilience 

Serving mission-critical projects with custom fuel storage and management solutions, we discuss premium products and future growth with Project Lead at Fuelchief, Hamish McLean.

Phoebe Harper Josh Hyland By Phoebe Harper Josh Hyland

Batchfire Resources : Resources for a Sustainable Future

On a trajectory of expansion, Batchfire Resources is the low-fugitive emission energy coal producer pursuing plans for Net Zero. We explore a community-centric company culture with CEO, Allan Fidock.

Phoebe Harper Eddie Clinton By Phoebe Harper Eddie Clinton

B&R Enclosures : Designed To Protect

Attentive customer service, innovative design and superior quality run at the core of B&R Enclosures. We discuss advanced manufacturing and an Industry 4.0 future with Co-CEO Ben Bridges.

Phoebe Harper Ryan Gray By Phoebe Harper Ryan Gray

Philippine Women’s Economic Network (PhilWEN)

  As a favourable business environment and hotbed for female entrepreneurship, the Philippine Women’s Economic Network (PhilWEN) is pioneering an equitable future for Filipino women.

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

Hex : The Changing Face of Leadership

Jeanette Cheah, Founder and CEO of EdTech platform HEX, shares her inspiring view on the need for the next generation of diverse leaders.

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

Papua New Guinea Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) : Mineral Mining in the Southwest Pacific

We examine the highly prospective industry of mineral mining within the Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea.

Phoebe Harper Alfie Wilson By Phoebe Harper Alfie Wilson