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Ultra Deep Solutions : Big Dreamers Never Sleep

Ultra Deep Solutions is working to build and operate a fleet of world-class vessels with the ability to enhance the efficiency and safety of the offshore construction industry.

By Editorial Team

Stena Marine Far East : Customers at the Fore

The customer satisfaction-driven model befits Stena Marine Far East, which continues to pride itself of on a balance of international scope and entrepreneurial flexibility.

By Josh Rayfield Editorial Team

Setegap Ventures Petroleum Sdn. Bhd : All is Well

Setegap Ventures Petroleum is meeting clients’ complex requirements in an ever-evolving oil & gas environment through a turnkey pumping, drilling and tubing portfolio of services.

By Josh Rayfield Editorial Team

SSI Schaefer APAC : Committed Continuity

The family-driven flexibility has helped SSI Schaefer to become one of the world’s leading storage solutions providers; an advantage that is being capitalised upon in an ever-expanding Asian market.

By Eddie Clinton Editorial Team

The Salvation Army SMM : Sharing One Message

The Salvation Army SMM goes above and beyond to ensure that it continues to be successful in transforming lives, through the services it has to offer.

By Callam Waller Editorial Team

Papua New Guinea : Unity in Diversity

Epitomised by the growth of its capital, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally enigmatic countries in the world, boasting 852 languages across its more than seven million people.

By Editorial Team

Mining Investment India

Mining Investment India is a strategic mining conference and exhibition for leaders of the mining, quarrying and construction materials industries, bringing together 350 attendees from 35 countries.

By Editorial Team

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