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Optiva : Opportunities for Operators

Chinmay Mishra, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Optiva, outlines the opportunities and trends for mobile virtual network operators in Asia Pacific.

By Chinmay Mishra

Making the Invisible Visible in Indonesia’s Energy Industry

By providing access to real data, digital twins enable Indonesian operators to have eyes on assets and operations that are thousands of kilometres away. Raj Kaushal, Senior Business Development Manager for APAC at James Fisher AIS, explains.

By Raj Kaushal

Translink : Just the Ticket

Since its inception, Translink has pioneered accessible, affordable, and sustainable public transport practices across Queensland, Australia. Peter Milward, Acting Head, shares more about the organisation’s ethos and its future ambitions.

By Lily Sawyer

Field Solutions Group : Empowering People and Mines

People are a real source of pride for FIELD Mining & Resources, the division of Field Solutions Group working to design, build, and maintain successful IT infrastructure for mining organisations. We find out more with Jody Barlow, Head of Mining and Resources.

By Jack Salter

What legacy does your company hope to leave?

To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question, "What legacy does your company hope to leave?"

By Editorial Team

Shine+ Drink : Naturally Brightening Your Day

Jonny Harrison, recently appointed CEO of Shine+ Drink, promotes the cognitive benefits of a health-boosting beverage and shares his plans to accelerate the brand’s growth.

By Liam Pye Rachel Carr

How Sensor Technology can Support Agriculture for the Better

The rise of sustainable technology presents innovators with a unique opportunity to initiate substantial changes within the agricultural sector. Ritam Gandhi, Director and founder of Studio Graphene gives us the full story.

By Ritam Gandhi

Janus Electric : Swap and Go

Lex Forsyth, CEO, informs us about Janus Electric’s next-generation exchangeable batteries, which are revolutionising road transport fleets.

By Jack Salter

Mining Pro : Celebrating Coal

Mining Pro recently brought together key industry players to celebrate the benefits of coal to Queensland and deliberate the current trends and topics affecting the sector. We find out more about the event with Chairman, Grant Wechsel.

By Jack Salter

What does good leadership look like to you?

We asked our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question, "What does good leadership look like to you?"

By Editorial Team