Concrete Expo Vietnam 2018

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Concrete & Cement Vietnam Expo 2018

Concrete Expo Vietnam 2018 will commence from 21-22 November, 2018 at Military Zone 7 Indoor Sport Complex in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Concrete Expo Vietnam is the one and only exhibition in Vietnam to showcase the most updated technologies and machinery for the concrete industry in Vietnam which is held by Fireworks Vietnam and Concrete Vietnam Association. The event is supported by the Vietnam Steel Association and Vietnam Association of Building Materials as well as having strong connections with many other national and international organisations in the industry.

According to Business Monitor International (BMI), the annual average real growth rate is approximately six percent per annum over the period of 2016- 2024. This is higher than the rate from 2013 to 2015 which was 4.4 percent a year. The demand for infrastructure and housing development in big cities is huge. This is the reason why the Vietnamese Government is keen on the sustainable development of the building materials industry, especially concrete. That is to harness science and technology in order to introduce quality products as well as minimise the impact on the environment. Therefore, there is high demand for modern machinery and technology. Concrete Expo Vietnam Exhibition 2018 is the opportunity for companies in the industry to update latest solutions that increase their competitiveness in international markets.

Concrete Expo Vietnam Exhibition 2018 is the ideal opportunity for companies in the industry to update latest solutions that increase their competitiveness in the international markets. This event provides a convenient venue where you will have a chance to connect face-to-face with the top concrete experts, potential buyers right at the doorstep, and network with thousands of attendees from contractors, distributors, developers and other construction industry professionals.

In addition, the Concrete Vietnam conference will be held along with the exhibition with the participation of many leading experts, addressing the important issues and current major challenges of the concrete industry. The event is expected to attract many visitors as well as provide useful experiences for attendees.

WHEN: 21-22 November

WHERE: Military Zone 7 Indoor Sport Complex, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



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