The CWC 9th World LNG & Gas Series: Asia Pacific Summit

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Preparing for the CWC 9th World LNG & Gas Series: Asia Pacific Summit

Ahead of the CWC 9th World LNG & Gas Series: Asia Pacific Summit in Singapore, CWC checked the pulse of the LNG industry with two key players, Diamond Gas International and Wood Mackenzie.

According to Wood Mackenzie, LNG demand in Asia is growing strongly especially as more countries expand their regasification terminals. In particular, the use of FSRUs has allowed countries to quickly join the buyers’ club. In a recent interview, available on theAsia Pacific Summit website, Wood Mackenzie stated that they are increasingly optimistic about growing LNG imports in Asia.

Diamond Gas International stated that they recognise Singapore’s huge potential of becoming Asia’s hub for the LNG industry considering the advanced social and business infrastructure, and convenient access to traditional demand centers in North East Asia and developing demand centers across Southeast/South Asia.

Both the Wood Mackenzie and Diamond Gas International interviews are available in full at the Asia Pacific Summit website and they are also participating as speakers at the event which is set to bring together the key LNG buyersand sellers from across the globe this September.

The Summit provides the perfect platform to network, meet contacts, nurture partnershipsand do dealswith leading decision makers and will cover topics such as:

  • Global and regional gas market dynamics – how is pricing affecting the competitiveness of LNG/gas versus other fuels in China, India and South East Asia?
  • LNG to Power – The shift towards downstream: How are IPPs being developed?
  • LNG Importation and Regasification options: South-East Asia Focus
  • Buyer Spotlight: Update on Key Existing Players and New Players in the Region 
  • Stimulating Sustained Demand and Absorbing the Over-Supply: New Applications, Small Scale LNG and Bunkering Developments

Companies speaking include:

  • Shell
  • Pavilion Energy
  • JERA
  • Pakistan LNG
  • H-Energy
  • Cheniere Marketing Ltd.
  • BP
  • Eni Midstream Gas & Power
  • Societe Generale

Sponsors include: Pavilion Energy, Venture Global LNG, BP, Cheniere, Steelhead LNG, Mozambique LNG, Diamond Gas International, Mitsubishi Corporation, King & Spalding, Poten & Partners, GTT, Galway Group, BRG Energy, ABS, GLX, S&P Global Platts & H Energy

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