Galen Growth Asia : Mapping Out the Future of Healthcare

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Mapping Out the Future of Healthcare

Galen Growth Asia, an independent organisation with the objective of developing the HealthTech ecosystem across Asia, will be hosting the first-of-its-kind HealthTech CEO Summit in Singapore on Friday 9 December. This is a rare occasion where 30 of Asia’s most prominent HealthTech entrepreneurs from across Asia will be gathering along with 200 healthcare influencers to discuss, debate and analyse how HealthTech innovation is shaping Asia’s healthcare landscape. 

Technology is an inevitable part of healthcare’s global evolution, especially in Asia. A recent market study conducted by P&S Market Research confirms that Asia is the fastest growing region for digital health, with an annual growth rate of 27.6 percent during the forecast period of 2016-2022. These start-ups are proposing ground-up solutions that are rewiring the way healthcare is delivered across the world.

Panellists will introduce a myriad of health IT solutions that are currently disrupting traditional healthcare models, while simultaneously increasing access to healthcare in emerging economies. The featured start-ups representing over 10 countries in Asia, and having a total combined funding of over USD 200 million, along with a wide range of influencers from both public and private sectors with decades of experience in healthcare innovation and care-delivery, will collaborate together during this event in solving the most complex issues in healthcare.

The Summit aims to enable business partnerships between entrepreneurs, corporations, and government bodies, which can thereby stimulate regional expansion of current technologies. Stanley Li, Founder of China, which holds the largest online community for physicians worldwide clarifies: “HealthTech is a connector. It can bring different stakeholders together and provide a more comprehensive service to our customers.”

The nature of HealthTech lies in the ability of technology to connect patients with doctors and care-providers, as well as create a digital transparency between patients and care providers. Several of the Summit’s entrepreneurs have a platform in which mobile apps now enable live consultations between patients and doctors, and also provide patients with a platform to monitor and track vital biometrics, and receive constant support and feedback regarding their condition.

On a B2B level, several HealthTech start-ups have identified predictive algorithms that care-providers can use to identify better outcomes for patients suffering from chronic diseases. One of the Summit’s featured start-ups, Holmusk, is a Singapore-based data-science company that develops predictive algorithms for personalized care and population health management. Featured speaker and CEO of Prenetics, Danny Yeung, concludes: “Transformation of the healthcare system is underway. Doing nothing is not an option.”

The prospects of Singapore becoming Asia’s leading digital health hub are high. The Singaporean government has recently announced a USD 13 billion investment into R&D for healthcare, health IT solutions, and biomedical sciences.

About Galen Growth Asia: Galen Growth Asia, the Asia HealthTech Connector founded in 2015, exists to act as a catalyst at the intersection of the healthcare and technology convergence to enable Asia’s HealthTech ecosystem. Our mission is to develop a sustainable and vibrant HealthTech scene across Asia, fostered through collaboration between corporations, investors, new ventures, hospitals, governments and other stakeholders.

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