2nd China Aviation & MRO Aftermarket Conference 2016

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
2nd China Aviation & MRO Aftermarket Conference 2016

China Aviation & MRO Aftermarket Conference is a professional interactive platform created by Pincaux Media, aimed at promoting the healthy development of domestic aviation as well as maintenance aftermarket and assisting related insiders to build effective connections. We have rich experience in holding aviation conference and the first China Aviation & MRO Aftermarket Conference has already got support from our guests and attracted more than 25 airlines in China and abroad; dozens of exhibitors; and nearly 200 attendees from all over the world.

At present, the fast growth of Chinese airlines’ fleets has driven the booming development of the aviation maintenance industry whose comprehensively prosperous multiple business patterns also make the demands of aviation maintenance increasingly diversified and personalised.

As a result, the competition between MRO service providers and OEMs become increasingly fierce and China’s aviation aftermarket will meet both opportunities and challenges in the future.

But how can independent MROs improve their market competitiveness?Will OEMs monopolise the market? How do airlines choose their partners?… many questions are in great need of being solved. Under such circumstances, the 2nd China Aviation & MRO Aftermarket Conference will be held on 10-11 November, in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Hotel. Focusing on China aviation aftermarket and maintenance aftermarket, this conference will offer the most valuable industry trends and business development opportunities to related companies, organising them to discuss current hotspots and satisfying their multiple demands.

While based on the first successful summit, this session of the conference will set the theme as “Enhance the Level of Information Sharing for Effective Business Cooperation” and add into more hotspots. Our contents will cover three major parts like aviation maintenance aftermarket, aircraft engine leasing, air-material supply chain management, truly building an aftermarket—leasing—air-material triune maintenance value chain platform for information sharing and communication, and creating a fairly competitive as well as steadily developed market environment.

DATE: 10-11 November, 2016

VENUE: Boyue Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Hotel, Shanghai, China

WEBSITE: http://www.asianaviation.com/event/255/The-2nd-China-Aviation-MRO-Aftermarket-Conference-2016

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