Renewable Energy Project Financing

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Renewable Energy Project Financing

Governments across the Asia-Pacific region are continuing the push for greater renewable energy contributions to domestic electricity demand.

Faced with a yawning energy deficit in the years ahead and the need to protect against climate change, Asia is looking for fresh ways to finance its shift toward renewables. Therefore, Fleming is organising the Renewable Energy Project Financing Conference which will be held on 26-27 July in Kuala Lumpur. The event is set to bring leading experts from all over the globe to collaborate together to develop standards and criteria that can increase access to capital and price risk more accurately for quality projects in the Renewable Energy sector, and make it beneficial for all stakeholders.

Here is what you can expect from the conference:

  • More than 15 key presentations on the latest industry topics such as ‘Mobilising the Debt Capital Markets for Sustainable Energy’, ‘The implications of the COP21 Agreements for Asia Renewable Energy Sector (COP21 as a driver of change)’, ‘Renewable Energy Development in Malaysia – What Next after FiT?’ and more
  • A roundtable discussion titled: ‘Are the financial systems and markets aligned with the low carbon transition?’
  • Two case studies on ‘Sustainable Clean Energy Solutions for Rural Communities in Vietnam’ and ‘Integrated Solutions for Municipal Solid Waste – the Zero Waste Park’
  • A panel discussion titled: ‘Are we headed in the right direction – Setting up periodic checks and balances to ensure project outcomes are in line with set objectives’
  • A big panel debate & interview: ‘Adopting the triple bottom lime model’
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