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Editorial Team
World Brand Congress

Our experience and exposure to professionals over the years has provided us with a ringside view of the happenings in the business world. We have had a chance to observe the innovations that have sprung up across diverse areas ranging from reducing energy and water consumption, eliminating inefficiencies, improving supply chain sustainability and so on. While these have had a significant impact the world-over, we are on the cusp of something larger, with far-reaching effects. This we have gathered through our interactions and observations at various editions of the World Brand Congress.

2016 is special because we celebrate our Silver Jubilee with our schedule of global events:

  • Asia Edition celebration in Kuala Lumpur (April, 2016, already concluded)
  • GCC Edition celebration in Dubai (October, 2016)
  • Global Edition celebration in Mumbai (November, 2016)
  • Africa Edition celebration in Mauritius (December, 2016)

World Brand Congress is chaired by Mr Nand Kishore Badami, Chief Marketing Officer, Cisco Systems India. The theme is “NEXT NOW…” for the 2016 edition. The event is guided by a global advisory board comprising senior professionals from the industry; all driven by a passion to meaningfully contribute to making this world a better place.

Globally, from economies to businesses, all are subjected to a multitude of forces that they have to either anticipate or respond in quick time to, to ensure survival. We are all familiar with examples of companies and even nations that have failed to respond appropriately or fast enough, but can we avoid getting into this situation?

It all boils down to the decisions we take and the moves we make. As leaders, nurturers of talent, and as visionaries, we need to appreciate the criticality of our decisions and actions.

Usually this is where innovation plays a big role in enabling the change that acts as a catalyst to a better future. The question is; do you realise the role you play in your ecosystem and the impact your actions have on the bigger picture? Are you actively participating in the innovation journey?

Clearly, that is the only way forward to ensure survival and sustenance. In this context, proactive innovation was undoubtedly the apt theme to discuss this year.


WHEN: 23-25 November, 2016

WHERE: Taj Lands End, Mumbai


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