Second VINMEC International Hospital : Patient Safety and Quality Management

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Second VINMEC International Hospital Implements Solution for Patient Safety and Quality Management

On 28 April 2016, VINMEC International Hospital announced the opening of the second of four new hospitals, in conjunction with the Go-Live of Orion Health’s Enterprise solution, marking another step forward for VINMEC in becoming a leading private hospital provider in Vietnam focused on patient safety and quality management. This also marks globally the first implementation Orion Health’s multi-facility Enterprise solution.

In June 2015, VINMEC International Hospital, a premium healthcare provider headquartered in Hanoi, selected Orion Health to initially implement its Enterprise solution in four hospital sites in the VINMEC Group with up to a further six sites to come in future years.

Just 11 months since the project kick-off, VINMEC Tan Cang (Central Park) and Nha Trang are able to share patient information across multiple healthcare facilities using a single integrated solution that provides a common platform that enables a single view of the patient record and standardised workflow for both clinical and administrative staff. The Enterprise solution allows end-to-end management of the hospitals, ranging from financial management, and the electronic placement of diagnostic orders, building the foundation to enable the hospital network to continuously improve the quality of its healthcare services.

VINMEC receives a large number of patients annually who are medical tourists drawn by the premium healthcare and world-class services we provide. The quality of care that they receive is our measure of success, and our partnership with Orion Health will enable us to offer an integrated system for storing and retrieving the medical records of our patients. We look forward to more opportunities to improve the delivery and quality of healthcare services through this collaboration with Orion Health,” said Le Thuy Anh, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of VINMEC Healthcare.

VINMEC is planning to closely follow the deployment for a further five sites, which will support the Group’s bid for accreditation by the Joint Commission International (JCI) in 2017 to recognise their commitment to safety and quality with VINMEC Tan Cang (Central Park). Orion Health and VINMEC will continue to work closely on the deployment of Orion Health Enterprise across several more sites in 2016, including the Ha Long, Ha Noi and Phu Quoc sites to provide seamless connectivity across the healthcare facilities in the Vinmec Group.

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