AMC Consultants Opens New Office in Singapore

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
AMC Consultants Opens New Office in Singapore

AMC Consultants (AMC) has announced the opening of its new office in Singapore this month, to be headed by Mr Mark Berry, a geologist with more than 30 years of experience.

 The decision to open AMC’s eighth office in Singapore was a natural step given the mining consultancy’s growing presence and increasing market share in the Singaporean minerals sector over the past seven years.

“Having completed more than 300 consultancy assignments across South-East Asia, 37 of them for Singaporean clients alone, we are confident there is a clear demand for AMC’s expert advice in Singapore,” said Patrick Smith, Managing Director of AMC Consultants. “We are also very fortunate to have a consultant of Mark Berry’s calibre and experience in the region driving this new venture.”

Government institutions, local industry bodies, and clients alike have expressed their support for AMC’s new permanent presence in Singapore and see it as an important addition to the country’s minerals sector.

“The EDB welcomes the opening of AMC’s Singapore representative office. Singapore is increasingly seen as a financing and marketing hub for mining companies. Given AMC’s reputation as a leading mining consultancy, its presence builds up an ecosystem of service providers that is essential to the success of Singapore as a financing and marketing location for mining companies,” said Mr Lee Eng Keat, Director of Natural Resources at the Economic Development Board of Singapore.

“We are delighted that AMC has chosen to set up an office in Singapore for its global mining consultancy work,” Mr Foong Chong Lek, Director of Marketing and Business Development at the SGX, commented.

“Investors and regulators have gained a better understanding of the mining industry through AMC’s participation in the SGX Mineral, Oil & Gas (“MOG”) Investor Education Programme over the past few years. We look forward to the continued support of industry experts such as AMC in building up Singapore’s lead as a minerals financing hub.”

Aside from paid work for services, AMC has been active in promoting growth, recognition and understanding of the mining industry in Singapore and neighbouring countries. This has been done through its founding sponsorship role of the Singapore Mining Club in 2014, the ten public education seminars it conducted on behalf of the SGX, and other education seminars it conducted for the Association of Banks in Singapore.

“That AMC has chosen Singapore as the venue of its latest office opening is testament to the growing importance of Singapore in the metals and mining sector as well as its ability to attract leading talent and expertise. This is a very encouraging sign and we welcome AMC to Singapore,” Mr Sebastian Jones, Associate Director at Canaccord Genuity Singapore, and Co-Founder and Vice President at Singapore Mining Club, commented.

AMC’s established clients include companies listed and seeking to list on SGX, listing managers, financial institutions, private equity groups, and Singapore-based companies with mineral assets in the region. Recent engagements cover gold, coal, copper, base metals, tin, tungsten, iron ore, bauxite, and industrial minerals.

“We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate AMC for setting up its office in Singapore, which is closer to our home base in Kuantan, Malaysia,” said Mr Teh Teck Tee, Executive Director at Aras Kuasa Sdn Bhd. “AMC has since late 2013 played an important advisory role in assisting our Group in achieving industry best practices and we are looking to continue this momentum with the professional input from an AMC office in Singapore.”

AMC is a leading mining consultancy headquartered in Melbourne with consulting offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Toronto, Vancouver, Singapore, and Maidenhead (UK). AMC is wholly independent and 100 percent employee-owned. Since establishment in 1983, AMC has completed more than 7,500 assignments in more than 100 countries. AMC’s clients include the world’s leading mining and exploration companies, corporate advisers, financial institutions, and insurance companies.

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