CNIT Launches Healthcare One Pass App to Simplify Patient Experience

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
CNIT Launches Healthcare One Pass App to Simplify Patient Experience

China Information Technology, Inc. (CNIT), a leading provider of integrated cloud-based platform, exchange, and big data solutions in China, has launched its mobile app for Healthcare One Pass, ushering in a new age of accessible healthcare services on mobile devices. The launch ceremony was hosted this week by the Yantian District Health and Family Planning Bureau and Shenzhen News Net.  

The mobile app for Healthcare One Pass provides comprehensive healthcare services including: appointment registration, same day appointment scheduling, outpatient payments, medical service ratings, treatment queries and a hospital guide. The new app also simplifies treatment processes, optimises treatment experience, and provides access to healthcare services throughout the medical consultation process.

In addition, the Healthcare One Pass app also incorporates innovative features such as online chat, healthcare community and healthcare assistant. The online chat feature creates an end-to-end healthcare service ecosystem. The healthcare community allows users to easily find and communicate with others who share similar healthcare interests. The healthcare assistant feature provides customised healthcare services to users with specific needs such as pregnancy, chronic illness, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Healthcare One Pass is a free app downloadable on iPhone and android mobile devices. It provides an entry point for CNIT to expand the coverage of its online exchange, Taoping Net, to the Chinese healthcare market. By collaborating closely with hospitals, doctors, and patients through Healthcare One Pass, CNIT will be able to up-sell its cloud-based new media hardware, software, and services to hospitals, place its display terminals at high-traffic areas within healthcare facilities, disseminate integrated online and offline healthcare information, and thus attract advertisers and advertising agencies alike eager to lease prime time slots on CNIT’s displays through Taoping Net.

Professor Xiao Ye Wu, President of Shenzhen Yantian District People’s Hospital commented on the launch: “We are pleased to introduce the Healthcare One Pass mobile app for doctors and patients at our hospital. Healthcare One Pass disrupts the conventional healthcare model by providing intelligent and customised healthcare services over mobile devices. The new app also helps upgrade healthcare service quality and improves doctor-patient relationships.”

Mr Jiang Huai Lin, Chairman and CEO of CNIT added: “We are excited to launch the mobile app of Healthcare One Pass as it is the first healthcare app adopted in Yantian District and it is the first government-supported healthcare app in Shenzhen.

“The new app will help resolve the long wait times at hospitals and provides a variety of convenient and accessible healthcare services to users. Working with our partners, we will continue to roll out innovative Internet plus products and services to contribute toward building a digitally enhanced Smart Shenzhen.”

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