SINGSOC Logistics Centre Opens in Support of 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games 2015

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SINGSOC Logistics Centre Opens in Support of 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games 2015

Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC) has announced the official opening of the SINGSOC Logistics Centre (SLC), which will be the key warehousing and logistics support venue for the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. 

The SLC will provide a monthly warehouse space of 17,000 square feet and storage space for 11,000 pallets over a 12-month period. It will also be handling up to 53,000kg of air freight and 1350m3 of sea freight. Some of the items that are housed at the SLC include sporting equipment such as Olympic bicycle racks, table tennis tables, and the balls and mats for combat sports. The SLC also houses supplies like 31,000 packets of snacks and two million litres of beverages. The equipment factory, which is located on the same site, is where the configuration and testing of 3,000 laptops and devices are conducted before it is distributed to the competition venues. It is predicted that the above items will take 3,000 truck trips to transport. 

The SLC is located on the premises of Singapore’s largest home-grown logistics provider, CWT Limited, which has been appointed as the Logistics Service Provider for the Games. CWT will be providing full supply chain management and supporting logistical services inclusive of manpower and transportation. In addition, it will provide logistics resources and operations support at all the competition and training venues; handle the athletes’ sports equipment and luggage upon arrival and departure; and help equip volunteers at the uniform distribution and accreditation centre. 

“The SINGSOC Logistics Centre is the backbone of the Games’ operations. All in all, the Centre will store, manage and move 1,642 tonnes of sports equipment, fittings and general supplies. With CWT’s expertise and track record in logistics, we are assured of efficient and secured supply chain management. This partnership is fundamental to delivering a successful Games,” said SINGSOC Exco Chairman, Mr Lim Teck Yin. 

“CWT is proud to handle logistics for the SEA Games on home soil while promoting sports and community spirit. As a leading provider of integrated logistics solutions, we will be able to tap on our domain knowledge, resources and network to ensure that logistics challenges under demanding time frames are met,” added BG(NS) Ishak Ismail, CEO, Defence Services, CWT Limited.

Since coming on board in September 2014, CWT, together with the SINGSOC Logistics team have been working towards a lean and agile supply chain to maximise space to house the fixture and equipment required for the Games.

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