Mink Take on the Beauty Industry with 3D Makeup Printer

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Mink Take on the $55 Billion Beauty Industry with a 3D Makeup Printer

Mink, a personal 3D printer for making custom cosmetics, is such an amazingly clever yet simple idea. The ‘Mink’ is a $300 device that will purportedly let anyone create completely customised makeup shades any time they want, from the comfort of their own home. In a world where an eyeshadow compact can cost anywhere between $5-78 a time, mirroring the changing colour trends of each season, Mink promises to cause a stir in such a commercial industry.

Currently, Mink is a one-woman band, with Grace Choi as the sole founder and employee. She has already obtained an intellectual property law firm and filled her own patents, but there is still plenty to do before this can successfully break into the mainstream cosmetics market; worth over $55 billion and dominated by some seriously powerful companies and products.

Choi hopes to positively influence young women’s perceptions of themselves and their personal tastes through her passions for entrepreneurship, hardware creation and creating a new and innovative kind of cosmetics for this competitive sector.

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