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What does the Metaverse Mean for Crypto?

Kristjan Kangro, CEO and Founder of Change, explores the emergence of the metaverse, what it means for crypto and the opportunity it presents to create a fairer, more inclusive digital economy.

By Kristjan Kangro

Powering the Future of Business with AI

Paul Boyle, CEO at Retail Insight examines the need for effective integration and strategic investment in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI).  

By Paul Boyle

Asia Raises the Bar for Digital Currencies

Industry expert Amit Ghosh reviews the dynamic restructuring of Asia Pacific’s financial ecosystem in the wake of digitalisation.

By Amit Ghosh

Unlocking Business Transformation in Asia

Robert Tennant, Head of UK and International Development at The Storytellers, discusses how leaders in Asia need to be prepared to adapt to seismic changes and embrace transformation. 

By Robert Tennant

How AI Can Improve Cross-Border e-Commerce Shipping

With the scope of digital transformation limitless, Lionel Berthe, Head of Asia Pacific at Asendia, discusses the potential of AI in the e-commerce supply chain.

By Lionel Berthe

Genius Group : The Edtech Revolution

The global pandemic put digital learning in the spotlight and the Edtech boom ensued, with Asian companies such as Genius Group leading the way. And the market is showing no signs of slowing down.

By Roger James Hamilton

Supply Chain Decentralisation : Preventing World Trade Strangulation

China’s role as origin of many supply chains means that any major disruption within the country has a knock on effect on supply chains all over the world.

By Amit Ghosh

Four Steps to Solidify Legacy IT for the Digital Future 

Capgemini’s Gopalakrishnan Krishnamurthi offers his advice to companies looking to embrace an optimised IT future. 

Why True Retail Transformation Requires the Cloud

Gene Tang, Head of Professional Services and Onboarding Delivery, APJ Rackspace Technology, explores the place of cloud technology in supply chains and online.

By Gene Tang

Olam International : Investing in a Continent

Singapore-based Olam International plays a key role in ensuring food security across six continents, its Regional CFO for West and Central Africa, Sujay Sarkar, telling us more.

By Sujay Sarkar