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Supply Chain Decentralisation : Preventing World Trade Strangulation

China’s role as origin of many supply chains means that any major disruption within the country has a knock on effect on supply chains all over the world.

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Four Steps to Solidify Legacy IT for the Digital Future 

Capgemini’s Gopalakrishnan Krishnamurthi offers his advice to companies looking to embrace an optimised IT future. 

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Why True Retail Transformation Requires the Cloud

Gene Tang, Head of Professional Services and Onboarding Delivery, APJ Rackspace Technology, explores the place of cloud technology in supply chains and online.

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Olam International : Investing in a Continent

Singapore-based Olam International plays a key role in ensuring food security across six continents, its Regional CFO for West and Central Africa, Sujay Sarkar, telling us more.

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IoT and the Digital Transformation of APAC Businesses

The Asia Pacific region is well on its way to becoming the world’s biggest hardware, software and services market for the internet of things (IoT), with regional spending expected to reach $398.6 billion in 2023. 

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Honeywell Aerospace : MRO in the Asia-Pacific

Although the outbreak of COVID-19 has brought a halt to some air travel in the short-term, aerospace activity is set to grow exponentially in the longer term and create demand for MRO services.

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Anytime Fitness Asia : From Fitness to Wellness

Though trends were formerly led by practitioners in fitness, the gym industry is becoming led by the consumer. Rey Bolivar, CEO of Anytime Fitness Asia, talks to us about the next decade of fitness and wellness.

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Telstra : Advice for Business Looking to Expand in Asia

Telstra talks to us about the expansion of UK businesses within Asia, from infrastructure to security to future opportunities.

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Now is the Moment for Global Trading in Southeast Asia

If the ASEAN region was a single country it would be the seventh-largest economy in the world, with a combined GDP of $2.92 trillion in 2018. It is projected to rank as the fourth-largest economy by 2050, demonstrating the increasing strength of Southeast Asia’s position in the global trading ecosystem.

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Belt & Road : Protectionism and Supply Chains

The Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) continues to feature in international headlines, creating both challenges along certain trade corridors, and opportunities for those that are well prepared.

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