APEC 2016 : Analysing Asia’s Dynamic Power Industry

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Analysing Asia’s Dynamic Power Industry

Asia has been rapidly industrialising since 2000. One of the limiting factors on this growth has been the availability of energy generation capability as the electrical power market has struggled to keep pace. World electricity demand is rising rapidly, driven mainly by growth in Asia. It is projected to increase by more than 70 percent between 2010 and 2035; with Asia overall expected to account for 64 percent.

Asia is already a key market for power industry suppliers. The long-term nature of power developments in the region confirms that it will be of continuing international importance. Asia Power & Electricity Convention 2016 (APEC 2016), Asia’s leading power and electricity conference scheduled for 23-24 November, 2016 in Jakarta, will continue to serve as the leading platform for major industry players to establish winning strategies in Asia.

Under the theme of ‘Unearthing New Opportunities in Asia’s Energy Sector’, the Convention will address the most crucial issues which determine business performance objectives in Asia. APEC 2016 will help you to better analyse Asia’s dynamic power industry and further identify the strategic role of Southeast Asia in your global business plan.

Key topics

  • Power Policy and National Development plan in Indonesia
  • Commercial Opportunities in Indonesia’s Power Sector
  • Malaysia Power Market Outlook
  • Thailand Power Development Plan
  • Indian Energy Investment
  • Integrating Renewable in the Power Generation Mix
  • Wind Generator Failure Modes and Occurrences
  • Meeting Transmission and Distribution Policies for a Project Driven Future
  • A Secure, Innovative and Forward Looking ICT Strategy
  • Engage New Roles and Business Models to Provide Customer-Focused Energy Services
  • Major Upcoming Power Transmission and Distribution Projects
  • Cloud Computing Led Infrastructure for Growth
  • Increased Engagement of Private Markets to Deliver High Efficiency Products and Demand-Side Solutions on a Regional Scale


WHEN: 23-24 November, 2016

WHERE: Jakarta, Indonesia

REGISTER: http://www.ourpolaris.com/2016/apec/contact.html


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