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Merx Group : Inspiring Spaces 

Reflecting on 20 years in operation, we unpack the pursuit of excellence and performance in project management with CEO of Merx Group, William Forwood.

Phoebe Harper Ryan Gray By Phoebe Harper Ryan Gray


Unlocking Ultimate Potential The Merx Group continues to deliver projects for clients across Asia, from aviation hangars and office builds to hospitality landmarks   Writer: Tom Wadlow | Project Manager: Ryan Gray While a year may not be considered a long time in the grand scheme of business, a lot can happen in the space of 12 months. Around nine in 10 new businesses fail within this timeframe. Sudden,  momentous global events can happen at any moment and impact companies for prolonged periods – the recent outbreak of COVID-19 being a prime example. For Singapore and Hong Kong based Merx Group, 2019 and the start of 2020 has been lively.“Our strategy revolves around continuing to drive into the sectors, services and geographies we have identified. We will continue to offer end-to-end solutions and are always looking at new lines of services and to research new markets, combined with evolving the ways we work internally. The foundation has been set for the next three years.” These were the words of William Forwood when Asia Outlook last caught up with the Group CEO in October 2018. Fast-forward to the present day, and the plan is materialising. “Last year was certainly an interesting one for us with numerous opportunities and challenges along the way – we enjoyed a much improved H2 after a tough first half of the year,” Forwood says. “The Singaporean market I believe will continue to be strong this year, and Hong Kong I hope will continue to be as busy as it was for us in 2019.” The aerospace segment was identified by Forwood

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