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Tawap Kamen Investment Group : Empowering PNG

Tawap Kamen Investment Group is helping to pave the way for Papua New Guinea’s resource-led development, backing major projects with exemplary service and unrivalled experience.

By Editorial Team Donovan Smith

Gilbert Houngbo on India’s Agrarian Development

IFAD President, Gilbert Houngbo, outlines the development of agriculture in India and how to ensure its success.

By Editorial Team

ZTE : Grabbing a Network Slice

“The most exciting part of 5G is connecting things,” comments Tu Jiashun, Principal Scientist at Chinese telecoms equipment producing giant ZTE. “5G not only creates value for the current telco industry but also opens up opportunities for the digital transformation of other vertical industries, or enterprises. 

By Editorial Team

Anytime Fitness Asia : From Fitness to Wellness

Though trends were formerly led by practitioners in fitness, the gym industry is becoming led by the consumer. Rey Bolivar, CEO of Anytime Fitness Asia, talks to us about the next decade of fitness and wellness.

By Rey Bolivar

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By Editorial Team

How Alibaba’s Singles Day Profits from Technology

It began as an obscure Chinese holiday celebrating the country’s bachelors every November 11th. However, these days Singles Day is better known for being the world’s largest 24-hour shopping sale, run by Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba.

By Editorial Team