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Tawap Kamen Investment Group

Empowering PNG TKI Group is helping to pave the way for Papua New Guinea’s resource-led development, backing major projects with exemplary service and unrivalled experience Writer: Jonathan Dyble / Project Manager: Donovan Smith Papau New Guinea is a country worth keeping an eye on.Entangled in the array of islands strewn between the Southeast Asian mainland and Australia, it has a lot in common with its archipelago neighbours of Indonesia and the Philippines. From its sun-kissed sand beaches and untouched forest-cloaked mountains to flamboyant, enthralling local cultures, it resembles something of an earthly paradise.Behind closed doors, however, PNG is taking great strides, its GDP having exploded since the turn of the millennium, now valued at $23.5 billion – up from the $3.5 billion recorded two decades earlier.The driving force behind this astounding growth? A buoyant extractives sector that is only just getting started in the eyes of Tawap Kamen Investment Group (TKI) General Manager Peter Pridgeon.“Even today, PNG is relatively untouched,” he explains. “Mining activities have been widespread here for generations, yes, but with so many developing opportunities and minerals only now being unearthed, it’s a great time to be here working and discovering what’s out there.“The resource sector is giving PNG the opportunity to grow. It’s emerging as a nation by harnessing its natural assets.”Indeed, TKI itself has been a pivotal player in helping to facilitate this economic boom.A local company founded to respond to the labour needs of the local Ok Tedi Mine that can be found at the foot of Mt Fubilan in the country’s Western

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ZTE: Grabbing a Network Slice

Enterprises in their millions are signing up to the power of 5G. According to a study by Qualcomm, by 2035 5G could underpin up to $12.3 trillion worth of goods and services in industries such as retail, healthcare, education, transportation, entertainment and many more, businesses benefitting in numerous ways, from productivity gains and remote working opportunities to rural connectivity and smarter office spaces. Service providers are beginning to reap the benefits in a sizable way. A recent study by Grand View Research estimates that the global 5G services market size will reach $45.7 billion this year and grow at an average annual rate of 32.1 percent between 2021 and 2025. “The most exciting part of 5G is connecting things,” comments Tu Jiashun, Principal Scientist at Chinese telecoms equipment producing giant ZTE. “5G not only creates value for the current telco industry but also opens up opportunities for the digital transformation of other vertical industries, or enterprises. “Meanwhile, the digital transformation for the enterprise will greatly promote the applications of the 5G network and open up a new huge market of system integration. Enterprises will continue to integrate 5G into their service life-cycle process, which greatly increases the production efficiency, speeds up the launch of products or services and reduces operational expenditure and capital expenditure.”However, although the numbers are soaring upwards, some notable challenges remain. One is maximising the use of 5G networks and opening up access to as many enterprises as possible without imposing prohibitive costs and logistic challenges. The sub-optimal use of networks is, according to the GSMA, down to the

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Anytime Fitness Asia : From Fitness to Wellness

Though trends were formerly led by practitioners in fitness, the gym industry is becoming led by the consumer. Rey Bolivar, CEO of Anytime Fitness Asia, talks to us about the next decade of fitness and wellness.

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IFAD President Gilbert Houngbo on India’s agrarian development

IFAD President, Gilbert Houngbo, outlines the development of agriculture in India and how to ensure its success.

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