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Powering IT at the Network Edge

Asia Outlook (AsO): Why is ‘IT at the network edge’ so important for enterprises today?Ling Chee Hoe (LCH): After years of consolidation and centralisation, IT organisations are now turning their attention to the edge of the network to improve interactions with customers and applications. As organisations grow their use of analytics, location-based services, and personalised content, edge of network facilities becomes critical in achieving competitive advantage. Capitalising on this opportunity will require fast deployment, intelligent and high availability infrastructure deployed close to users. Just as organisations struggled to keep pace with computing demand in the first decade of this century, enterprises that don’t address the infrastructures related to the edge will find themselves unable to keep pace with the expansion of applications which are growing exponentially at the edge.AsO: What are the most common causes of data centre outages and how much of an effect can they have on downtime? LCH: The following figures serve to only emphasise the fact that data centre breakdown is detrimental to anyone’s business. That’s why it is critical to invest in the right IT infrastructure to ensure system availability and resiliency to avoid costly outages.According to a 2013 study by Ponemon Institute on the cost of data centre outages, the most common causes of data centre outages are UPS battery failure (55%), human error (48%) and UPS capacity exceeded (46%).Other causes of data centre outages are:-          Cyber attack (34%)-          IT equipment failure (33%)-          Water incursion (32%)-          Weather related (30%)-          Heat related/CRAC failure (29%)-          UPS equipment failure (27%)-          PDU/circuit breaker failure

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Cardinal Maritime Expands into Asia with Opening of New Hong Kong Office

Cardinal Maritime – one of the fastest growing logistics service providers in the UK – has opened a new office and a business centre in Hong Kong to facilitate its expansion into Asia.The North West-based business, which is now an established brand in more than 90 countries, has a number of staff members stationed at the recently opened premises.Cardinal Maritime opened the office and business centre in order to facilitate the growth of its clients which trade out of China. A presence in Asia will allow the logistics expert to respond to further demand to trade in the area and to monitor this increased activity more closely.The new site adds to Cardinal Maritime’s existing premises in Ireland, South Africa and its head office in Manchester.Brian Hay, CEO of Cardinal Maritime Group, said: “We’re thrilled to have gained territory in Hong Kong. A growing number of ambitious companies are trading and manufacturing out of overseas countries, such as China, and we’re excited to be able to provide improved services for our clients in such a thriving location for trade.”The increase in the number of British businesses trading out of China – and elsewhere overseas – is a pivotal factor driving the continued growth of the Cardinal Maritime Group. However, this activity within the broader export industry is not reflected in the UK trade statistics. The figures focus, instead, solely on fiscal earnings produced by goods coming in and out of the UK ports.Brian commented: “I don’t believe the UK is celebrated enough as a leading trading nation.

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