Singapore is a green city that thrives on diversity and technology, but it is not without its environmental issues

Leadership: Mining

Tarrant Elkington, Global Manager of Snowden Group, explores some of the key questions that need to be answered before committing to the acquisition of a mining asset

Private Jet Travel

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has sent commercial airlines into freefall, private jets have increased in popularity – we take a closer look

Expert Eye

Capgemini’s Gopalakrishnan Krishnamurthi offers his advice to companies looking to embrace an optimised IT future

Exploring Smart Cities in Australia and New Zealand

Smart cities in Australia and New Zealand are pioneering innovative technologies to improve sustainability, quality of life and urban resilience

Schneider Electric: Futureproofing Businesses post-COVID-19

Energy management and digitisation are two solutions which could help businesses across Asia recover from the impact of the pandemic

Investing in a Continent: Olam International’s Work in Central and Western Africa

Singapore-based Olam International plays a key role in ensuring food security across six continents, its Regional CFO for West and Central Africa, Sujay Sarkar, telling us more

Expert Eye: Why True Retail Transformation Requires the Cloud

If retail businesses want to succeed, they will need to use cloud technology to ensure seamless supply chains and online aggregation

An Analysis of New Zealand’s Coronavirus Response

How an early lockdown and clear communication strategy has given New Zealand one of the best success rates for beating coronavirus

Q&A: How has COVID-19 Impacted Hotel Giant OYO?

OYO CEO for Japan, South East Asia & Middle East Dr Mandar Vaidya discusses the devastating impact of coronavirus

Expert Eye: IoT and the Digital Transformation of APAC Businesses

Sin Hin Wong, Managing Director & VP of Sales, APAC at PDI Software, outlines the state of play regarding the region’s rapid digitisation of business

Why businesses must get corporate social responsibility right

Indian entrepreneur Natasha Mudhar discusses why corporate social responsibility is a crucial part of a brand’s image and what it takes to build an effective CSR strategy

How will COVID-19 impact foreign direct investment in Thailand?

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc in economies worldwide. We explore how Thailand, a country that relies on FDI inflows for a number of megaprojects, will cope

A review of 2020’s Singapore Airshow

Leck Chet Lam, Managing Director of Experia Events, explains the importance of the biannual Singapore Airshow to Asia’s aerospace industry

Expert Eye: Honeywell Aerospace discusses MRO in Asia-Pacific

Although COVID-19 has brought short-term disruption, longer term demand for MRO services looks assured

The Dawn of the Asian Century?

Asia’s economy is set to surpass that of the rest of the world combined in 2020, with regional integration and the role of China key to what is being dubbed the start of the Asian Century

IFAD President Gilbert Houngbo on India’s agrarian development

Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Togo and the President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development Gilbert Houngbo unveils the importance of agrarian development in India

Expert Eye: The next decade, from fitness to wellness

Rey Bolivar, CEO of Anytime Fitness Asia, discusses 2020 and beyond in the growing regional fitness industry, and what it will take to win the hearts, minds – and bodies – of consumers

ZTE: Grabbing a Network Slice

ZTE’s Jiashun Tu explains how network slicing is enabling the wealth of 5G to be shared further and wider than ever before