Expert Eye: AI, the Future of Business

Paul Boyle, CEO at Retail Insight examines the need for effective integration and strategic investment in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI)

The Rise of Fintech in China

Chris Pu, Head of China at strategic growth investors Telstra Ventures, shines a light on the expansion of the national Fintech market

The Final Word: Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

If you could offer one piece of advice for a young entrepreneur entering your industry, what would it be?

India’s victory over England at historic ground

From an England advantage to a dramatic India win, we take a look at the cricketing highlights during the recent series at the Kia Oval

Singapore’s Shipping Transition

We take a look at Jurong Port as a leading entity in Singapore’s shipping space, and speak to Mr. Ooi Boon Hoe, CEO, about the company’s plans for the future

Expert Eye: Asia raises the bar for digital currencies

Industry expert Amit Ghosh reviews the dynamic restructuring of Asia Pacific’s financial ecosystem in the wake of digitalisation

Expert Eye: Unlocking business transformation in Asia

Robert Tennant, Head of UK and International Development at The Storytellers, discusses how leaders in Asia need to be prepared to adapt to seismic changes and embrace transformation

Business in INDIA

We explore India and take a closer look at the prominent sectors that contribute to its economy

COVID-19 Australia

Australia and its post-pandemic opportunities

Topical Focus: Green Urban Mobility

Examining the role of green urban mobility in the fight against climate change and the potential for sustainable transport in continental mobilisation

Expert Eye: How AI Can Improve Cross-Border e-Commerce Shipping

With the scope of digital transformation limitless, Lionel Berthe, Head of Asia Pacific at Asendia, discusses the potential of AI in the e-commerce supply chain

Restructuring Tourism in Asia Pacific

Shining a light on the seismic impact of the pandemic on Asia Pacific’s tourism sector, the recalibration of the travel market and the potential for digitalisation expected to drive economic recovery

Expert Eye: The Edtech Revolution

The global pandemic put digital learning in the spotlight and the education technology boom ensued, with Asian companies leading the way. And the market is showing no signs of slowing down


We talk to Kent Wu, COO of JustKitchen, about the company’s all-encompassing method of business in the Asian food and beverage industry

Business in China

We examine China; a country that has been dominated by manufacturing for the past four decades, and explore the current state of play within the world’s most populous country

Expert Eye: Supply chain decentralisation: prevent world trade ‘strangulation’

China’s role as origin of many supply chains means that any major disruption within the country has a knock on effect on global supply chains all over the world

Mobile Innovation

LG’s new design blurs the lines between mobile and tablet, merging the two devices into one seamless body

Combatting COVID in Asia

Axel Roesner and Marco Bovolini discuss their organisation’s response to COVID-19 and commitment to the Asian continent

Securing Cyberspace

With the digital world expanding and cybercrime an ever-growing issue, we spoke to the CEO of CyberSecurity Malaysia to discover the latest in online protection and prevention