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Union Medical Healthcare : A Caring Profession

Having expanded its services, Union Medical Healthcare is focusing on what matters – looking after the wellbeing of its clients.

Editorial Team Callam Waller By Editorial Team Callam Waller

Union Medical Healthcare

Union Medical Healthcare has emerged as a leading health service provider since it came onto the scene in 2005. Now, driven by investment in knowledge, it is looking to broaden its coverage of medical disciplines even further Writer: Tom Wadlow Project Manager: Callam WallerHong Kongers live, on average, longer than people from any other part of the world. Since 2015, the vibrant urban centre has remained above its closest life expectancy rival Japan, with women enjoying an average lifespan of 87.66 years and men 85.84 years. Among the factors supporting such long and healthy lives include easy access to well-used and maintained city parks and eateries serving local food which is healthier than many come to believe. It is also no coincidence that hiker-friendly mountain ranges and water sport-conducive beaches lie on Hong Kong’s doorstep.  Another, and perhaps the most obvious human factor, is Hong Kong’s healthcare setup, consistently ranked as the most efficient on earth. The sector is a hotbed of innovation, and companies such as Union Medical Healthcare (UMH) have emerged as frontrunners in terms of medical service provision.  Diversified Founded in 2005 by Tang Chi Fai, UMH began life as a single aesthetic medical centre and has rapidly grown into a one-stop-shop healthcare provider, which from 2013 has included dental care. Karen Chui, Director of Corporate Finance and Investor Relations, describes the Company’s recent growth journey. “UMH has successfully evolved into a multi-discipline medical service provider following two years of listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. “Further to the establishment of a health management centre and acquisition of the largest chiropractic

Editorial Team By Editorial Team