Asian CEO’s See Global Pulse Confidence Index Rebound in 2015

The YPO (Young President’s Organisation) Global Pulse Confidence Index for Asia recovered 1.4 points from its fall in January 2015 to register at 63.6 in the April 2015 CEO survey. Resurgence in confidence among ASEAN economies - including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand - contributed to the recovery along with modest increases in confidence in Japan and China, the region's two largest economies. 

The quarterly electronic survey, conducted in the first two weeks of April, gathered answers from 2,211 Chief Executive Officers across the globe, including 246 in Asia. 

“After much political and economic uncertainty in late 2014 and earlier this year, Asian business leaders have regained confidence but understand that economic expansion will come at a more measured rate,” said Terry O'Connor, regional Chief Executive Officer of Courts Asia, an executive member of the YPO Singapore Chapter and the incoming regional chair of YPO's Southeast Asia Region. “The stabilisation of oil prices contributed to a return of confidence in the region's oil-producing economies, and, overall, confidence levels across the region are solid.”

Chinese confidence improved for the first time in 15 months, with the index gaining 2.1 points to register at 61.8. In Japan, confidence improved for the second quarter in a row to land at 59.1, nearly 3.0 points higher than this time last year. Sentiment among CEOs in India declined 1.3 points to 67.0, a decidedly optimistic level nonetheless.
According to the Index, Asia’s sales confidence is the highest in the world, while employment confidence holds steady.

When asked to look ahead 12 months, Asian business leaders were remarkably positive about the sales aspect of the business and the Index for sales confidence rose 1.7 points to 70.9 on the continent. This reading is higher than any other region around the globe and nearly 3.0 points higher than the global composite of 68.0. 

Furthermore, the YPO Employment Confidence Index for Asia was essentially unchanged at 58.3. While roughly in line with other regions, this represents a significant change from several years ago when employment prospects in Asia ran well ahead of the rest of the world.

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